Review Dees v Maggies at the Last Chance Saloon: the Good, Bad and Season Ending

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Nah, you can get coke too if you make it a meal.
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On that note, if anyone wants to use that as a legitimate argument this week, they'll be marched through the street as other posters throw tomatoes at them.

Where is Lord Nev anyway?

I've only ever used it as a measurement of goal kicking accuracy, not moral victories. That's what it's for, but for some reason it still needs to be explained to the usual crowd.

I find it an interesting stat, but even I can't be bothered with it today as the goal kicking was completely irrelevant to that insipid display.
Where is Lord Nev anyway?
Wasn't meant as a dig towards one poster in particular – there's been many, plus those involved with the club.

If anyone looks at that and thinks the only problem is goal kicking accuracy, then I have some magic beans to sell them.
Christ, we are boring to watch play. Stagnant. Collingwood run and overlap. We prop and wait and hold and they zone back.

Good: Max, ANB, Rivers, T-Mac, Roo, Kozzy. May to some extent.

Bad: Trac injury.

Fugly: just about everything else. Midfield is shit. Paid a fortune to do **** all. Culture is cooked. Goodwin and his shit selections and his favouritism. Billings. Kicking to 2 on 1 contest constantly.

Beyond fugly: Petty. Seriously does this campaigner get dropped now? Like I get the entry is shit but **** he does nothing.

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I watched Billings today have a straight line to a spoil. But instead tried to run around from behind at the last moments. Hear a lot about players working hard to protect the drop zone, bit different when you willingly hand it over
14.5 to 6.15

What a beautifully, awful Melbourne looking game
36.14 to 11.22 since the 5 minute mark of the first last week.

But yeah, we’re ****ing shit and will genuinely struggle to win a game for the rest of the season. There’s barely a club playing worse footy at the moment.

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More or less the result I expected from before the game, so I find it hard to get worked up about it. Confidence, hunger, spirit, cohesion, etc. of this team are obviously shot, as evidenced from last week, and those are things that tend to be difficult to turn around halfway through the season. We've got a few more of these results coming in 2024, so it's best to start looking at them with a bit of scientific detachment, and ask what the club can best do for the rest of the year to set itself up for future success.

If I were the board, I'd make it clear to Goodwin that his focus from now should be on 2025 and beyond, such that he needn't feel pressure to bank some wins and limp into the finals in order to save his job. What he will need to show, however, is a clear plan to set us up for success in 2025 and beyond. Let's see some new strategy, let's see some players in new roles, let's see a different attitude and level of commitment among the players. These are things that can't just be switched on like a light - the next 10 games are a great opportunity to instill some new and fresh habits in the team without any real pressure. We can't just limp through the next 10 games pretending that we just need to bring back the "Melbourne game" and everything will turn out okay. The bye is a great time to introduce these changes.

I'd also use the bye as the chance to put the blow-torch on a few players and ask them how commited they are to the future of this club. Set some clear fitness goals for Oliver to achieve by October, and if he doesn't reach them then he can explore his trade options. If Petty wants to go to Adelaide then he can go to Adelaide, but make it clear to him that he's not going for anything less than a late first rounder. If he wants to be there next year, he'll need to show something for us in the next 10 games to boost up his value. I'd make it clear to guys like Brown, Billings, Tomlinson and Hunter that they're not going to be selected ahead of younger players for the rest of the year, and that they should plan their futures accordingly.

Sometimes a year from hell is the best thing for a team. I can resolidify focus and desire, it can help the club refresh itself by bringing high-end draft talent in the door, it can motivate change and obliterate complacency. We don't win the flag in 2021 without our experiences from 2019. But things can also go the other way as well, and previously successful teams can fall apart in a screaming hurry. I still think we have enough talent on this list to be a threat in 2025, but that depends on our finally snapping out of the delusion that the team in its current iteration is a threat. Surely the last two games have done just that. All I ask is that we see something brave and different from this team after the bye, and - whatever the results - the season won't have been a total waste. If we spend the final 10 games just going into our shells, pretending that the intertia of past glories (or glory, rather) will stand us in good stead for the future, then I'm not going to bother watching, just like I didn't bother watching today, because the results will be entirely predictable. Watching this team just slowly evaporate into nothing is far more soul-crushingly tedious and unwatchable than anything I ever experienced in the Neeld era. If we are doomed to fail, then let's at least fail trying to take our destiny in our hands.
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The worst thing is I don’t care? Went to the game today and enjoyed having some beers with some friends, result was what it was, and it’s just like, whatever.

We’re just horrible to watch and have been for a few years, even when we win.

We’re just a bad brand, like a bad product of entertainment, weekends are short, plenty of other things to enjoy.
love the pies fans on the socials fuming at Pickett giving the bird, but didn't see good bloke Maynard doing it like 30 seconds earlier

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