Review Dees v Maggies - the Good, Bad & Fugly on Queens Birthday - Round 13, 2021

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Apr 14, 2016
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LA Lakers,Chelsea F.C.
Still confident we can knock off gws/suns/hawks/crows, get’s us to 15 wins and we’ll take at least another big scalp this season. Looking forward to the second half of the season.
Id say with Ports Inconsistencies this year, (Obviously We cant seriously be viewed as inconsistent, we have won 84.6% of our games we have played in season 21') they get Questioned if they can take a big scalp much like last week with Geelong.
Im confident with our best team we can beat PA.
Aside from Geelong in the last game at Skilled and WCE over there no doubt not sure who else are the big scalps for this season.


Club Legend
Oct 19, 2019
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Bring Ben Brown in for an extended period and just play him into form. It might take weeks but he’ll get there. Proven goal kicker at the level. Huge unit who genuinely can halve contests and provide decent crumb for Kozzy and Co. No brainer for mine.

B.Brown TMac and Jackson is the combo to take into finals.


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Nov 2, 2007
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Goody and senior players have spoken about the three tall forwards as the setup going forward into finals - don't think they'll go back to just Tmac/LJ

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May 7, 2012
Over There
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Again not overly worried about this loss. Collingwood played pretty well tactically on a small ground. We came out flat and never seemed to adjust.

Our defenders like to play in front but had the ball kicked over their heads more in this one game then all season I reckon. Even forced long kicks often end up near scoring range at the SCG.

I think because Collingwood were looking for fast rebound off half back (which worked really well for them) our guys kept trying to take on the tackler and run the ball, but on such a small ground there’s just no space to do that without getting constantly mauled.

Collingwood were excellent at lowering their eyes for a pass to 40m out directly in front and that worked very well for them all day. It had to be an instruction for them, get into that space, because they often weren't leads, just guys drifting into that spot unmarked. We need to take some Learnings (TM) from that.

Collingwood tackled and chased harder than we did all day, and that’s not excusable.

So we were out played yesterday but I’m confident our set up will bounce back strongly.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 30, 2008
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Goody and senior players have spoken about the three tall forwards as the setup going forward into finals - don't think they'll go back to just Tmac/LJ
We need another crumber then, Kozzy and Spargo get up the ground too much

Crimson Azure

Jul 16, 2007
Mariana Trench
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Lamb on the spit
I had a great weekend even if we lost:

Discovered shallots are the perfect addition to Hot Dogs. If you've got some shallots spare in the fridge (and why wouldn't you, they're amazing), add some to your next Dog. Didn't realise Mustard and Spring Onions were so perfect together. Almost as good a combo as Dees playing really well for a couple of weeks and then absolutely shitting the bed against a ******* crap ******* footy team.
Also had some great scores at the Antiques market in the morning, some really nice vintage money boxes to add to my collection of vintage money boxes.
A couple of 70s and 80s matchbox cars, two nice CD's. Some AMAZING hard rubbish scores today as well, including this lamp that is a naked dude and the power switch is his dick. Classy!!!
Liked this just to give you your 20,000th like.

I love symmetry!

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