Review Dees v Norf: the Good, Bad and Ugly

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Johnny Karate

Club Legend
Apr 13, 2015
AFL Club
Watching Trac play is genuinely fun.

Has that aura about him. Gets the ball and just throws people out of the way/runs through people. Finally worked out he's stronger and quicker than anyone. Even when they tackle him he still stands up and gets the kick off. Is also doing a lot of dirty work tackling, chasing and harassing.

The best bit is it's contagious and Oliver is doing it now as well.
Spot on. He’s approaching Schwarz 1994 levels of godly football. Almost everything he is touching is creating carnage for the opposition. Watching him enter and leave contests is a bit like how towards the end of the Matrix, Keanu Reeves is breaking campaigners with minimal effort and maximum confidence.


Team Captain
Aug 30, 2017
AFL Club
Bit of a fun exercise for the board ,what posters do you picture being someone or related to someone when you read them post

For example;

I notice ABray10 sticking up for Brayshaw so I've convinced myself that hes Gus' brother or Uncle
Topkent is definitely an Instagram thot who constantly dms Steven May
00Stinger continual blind eye turning to Clayton Oliver's poor form a month or so ago means he's Mr.Oliver
Demon bhoy getting mad at anyone who isn't currently best 22 on any sort of cash means he's actually Oscar the Grouch's brother whos an accountant

What have you noticed about certain posters and their bias' ? :)
Haha interesting, I will admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Brayshaw, felt for him when he was going through his concussion issues.

One look at my head and its lack of girth though would prove there is no blood relation between myself and the Brayshaw family though.

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Proper Gander

Owl whisperer and secret agent
Feb 15, 2015
South Yarra
AFL Club
Other Teams
Mt Buller Demons
Anyone else think Hannan was really good too?

Had a good impact and a few of his clunks were big for a mid-size fwd.
I thought he was good. He’s a kind of player that isn’t easily judged by stats, which don’t reflect his work off the ball, and TV is a disadvantage in rating the contribution of some players also because the camera follows the ball and loses the efforts and ground covered of anyone outside the frame. I always get the impression Hannan works hard and has an impact.

Weird the way our forward line has gone from “you must be kidding” to decent very recently. Weid in, Hannan returned from injury and even Jackson showing he can be a contributor early have really changed this quickly. Plus Kossie providing excitement, crumbing ability and decent pressure.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 12, 2013
AFL Club
It’s fun to watch players who are elite kicks. Genuinely exciting to know that someone like Dusty, Ablett or Petracca has the ball in hand, compared to say Viney, Oliver, Cripps or Fyfe. Even within our side it’s enjoyable to see Fritsch or Hannan or Pickett or Melksham or May make a run at the ball because you know they’ll probably make something happen if they get a kick away as they tend to break lines. That’s opposed to like Salem who just stabs it to a flat footed target.

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