Delisted Free-Agents Target List


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Oct 8, 2007
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Interesting. I though he struggled in their game against us but a couple he played a bit earlier were some of the best performances I'd seen him play. You'd assume someone has been in his (or his managers) ear and he thinks there's greater opportunity elsewhere. Good luck to him, I always liked him.

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Nov 16, 2014
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All year I've been keen on him as versatile KPP depth

Hartley is the sort of player that people turn their noses up at... but Hawthorn will turn him into a good role player.


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Nov 26, 2013
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I’d be for it, with our key position injury issues he’d be alright back up. He should be cheap.
He'll be cheap alright because he is cooked. Zero interest in him - his career is now at state or suburban footy level.


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Nov 21, 2018
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If we'd recruited a mature, flexible tall option, say Walker for instance, (instead of Cameron, or instead of keeping Lynch), it maybe wouldn't need to be just a choice of Reid or someone else. You could have the two different options

Of our few regular talls, Mihocek and Roughead has been very durable, but Moore, Dunn and Reid not so, while Cox is generally available even if not always that productive.

It's a pretty small group to rely on, given some have not been at all durable. In Reidy's case, he's hardly played in 4 of the last 6 seasons.

Now, if the likes of Wilson, Kelly and Keane quickly become viable options, great, but that seems a lot to ask for 2020.

It would just be nice to have some more reliable back up plans, don't you think?
I’m not sure Reid has been anymore productive when he has played than Cox.
My personal view is that we can’t play Cox, Reid and Mihocek in the same forward line. What has made us dangerous is having the smaller guys playing interchanging roles on the forward line with different strengths causing the opposition problems. Playing 3 bigger, slower men probably sets us back. I assume Cox and Mihocek are the key forwards. Reid is simply depth these days. I’m just unsure whether I want my depth player to be injured so much.
Having said that, I understand why we would keep him for another year. There were games he did look dangerous. But he averaged less than 10 possessions a game. Unless he can stay fit, that’s always going to be a concern.


Sep 19, 2011
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You're first line is correct: in 2011 Ben Reid WAS a star player.
He HAS lost some of his ability (his kicking is shortened and far more wayward (not highly improbable considering his lower limbs are as tight as stretched monofilament)
He HAS suffered accelerated ageing (just check the hair! and the mobility)
He HAS suffered a lot of injuries but its not just the number, its the type and placement of these injuries (soft tissue, specifically calves "The Old man's injury") And YES the club knows....which makes the decision to keep him on even stranger (except that he's an emergency tall on very small wages)
He finished the season OLD players with dodgy calves and Hammies are always one minute away from their next 6-8 weeks on the sidelines (even Bucks had to succumb to it at some stage) Reidy has been cooked for some time now.
You're right, for those who don't like Cox as a tall option up front (of which I'm not one) then Reid and probably even Twiggy Dunne are options because those people are desperate for anyone to replace their whipping boy!
His kicking HAS lost penetration (and accuracy) but hey people only hang it on Cox for lacking the ability to kick more than 40m straight.
His role has changed....he is now "Break Glass in absolute terms of emergency"
Compelling argument for delisting a bloke who averages 2-4 games a year???
He's there for two reasons, he's tall and he's cheap. Same as Coxy actually.
This is a pretty fair critique of what I had to say. I think you are inferring that I am one who doesn't think much of Cox. Not so. I see him as the first choice second ruck and forward pocket. Reid is the second, and as he is a completely different style of player, is hard to judge as the backup.
Stating he had not lost his ability, I was saying that he is still as instinctive a footballer as he always was.
I don't deny he has an unpleasant injury history, that would be like being a climate change denier, but medical professionals have judged that he has a future, and they have been working with him for years, while all I have been doing is watching him play. They know a bit more than I do.
So I am happy that we have kept him on. It would seem you are not. If the injury gods smile on the team for a change, Reid won't play much and neither of us will know whether we were right, and I will be even more happy with that


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Sep 29, 2014
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We’d be mad to take him, he’s a loose unit and he can’t last half a game of WAFL before his calf goes again. He’s had that many calf injuries I’d be surprised if he had any solid calf tissue left.
I thought the Wells risk was worth it, Bennell has the calves and the off field issues. I love what he brings but it’s a no from me, we don’t need him breaking down after we have structured with him in mind. We have the cattle, just need to get it right.

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