Delisted Free Agents - who should we target?

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Premiership Player
May 21, 2015
Zegema Beach
AFL Club
2 years ago? That seems to fit, he seemed to work pretty hard to get back and play a couple of WAFL games before breaking down. His interview suggested he‘s settled down a bit with a missus and kid(s).
Yeah, as I said happy to take a punt.

We aren't in any position to comment on how Harley feels or how he can benefit a team.

Just saying if he is still doing that sh*t, he needs a massively wide berth.
Blackout drunk is horrendous on anyone.

Hope he gets picked up and plays some good footy.


All Australian
Mar 29, 2015
AFL Club
I’ll set aside Milera for now
Have a look at Young there are heaps of vids and streams and interviews going back a few years
A good mix is what Mutineer posted a couple of days ago
See what you think
There was a game early this year possibly last year that I watched where he was probably the best player on the ground other than Rowell, but I don't think we need another half back, even one as good as he potentially projects. I know Ash has played a lot of half back but he has also shown he can play in the middle which is imo our biggest need. I just don't think the gap between Young and Ash, Flanders, Serong etc is big enough to pick him over others who have shgown their midfield potential, similar with Stephens. Ash has been my choice at pick 4 since Kemp went down. Melbourne are in an enviable position with the two top ten picks they have to grab a ready to go player first and then Kemp with pick 8.

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