Opposition Camp Delusional Pearlers IV


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May 18, 2009
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SOS hasn't been perfect but he's done a pretty good job rebuilding carlton's list so far.

I've gone through it and the difference between carlton's list and brisbane's list right now is jarryd lyons and charlie cameron. handy players but not sure they account for 13 positions difference on the ladder.

apart from that, for every player in brisbane's best 22 i could find you a carlton player of relatively equal ability, age and potential.
Followed up by this marvellous work.

if i've made a mistake with Brisbane's best 22 below i apologies, but go through the below list and explain how there's 13 ladder positions worth of difference between the 2 sides. as a collective brisbane are miles in front obviously, but pound for pound i think the below groups are relatively even. certainly not enough difference for one to be on the verge of pushing for top 4 and one to be the biggest basket case since university.

neale - cripps
hodge - simpson
witherden - docherty
hipwood - charlie curnow
zorko - murphy
mcluggage - walsh
martin - kruezer
robinson - ed curnow
andrews - jones
mcstay - weitering
rich - thomas
berry - fisher
rayner - dow
a smith - mckay
mccarthy - fasolo
matthieson - m kennedy
christensen - david cuningham
adams - marchbank
lyons - stocker
walker - mcgovern
cameron - sam petrevski seton

keep in mind this thread is purely about the list, not the coaches ability to get the best out of it.
This is a special level of pearler right here.

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Apr 23, 2016
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Outside of Rayner and andrews, that’s not overly incorrect
Kreuzer is made of paper, Docherty hasn’t played for two years.

Also I’d rate Zorko close to a Top 5 mid in the comp whilst Marc Murphy is well, Marc Murphy.

It’s one of those things where on paper the Blues list is kind of, sort of, comparable. But in reality Hodge is a much more dominant leadership figure (and different structurally) to Simpson, Brisbane’s names are largely younger, have been more durable, and appear better coached and more capable of filling a role.

Carlton is basically Cripps and 17 other dudes at the moment.


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Oct 12, 2014
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what the **** are you fools talking about, parish is an undersized slow mid in the mould of Nick Graham who is battling to hold his place in in the * side. Blues have enough high pick duds... might as well re-list Goringe... wouldn't trade JSOS for Parish if he was my stepson.
The great forward Jack Silvagni, who averages 5 times more clangers than goals.

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Sep 28, 2016
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My son is just now telling me Essendon are looking at Gibbs, do I kill my son or blow up Essendon FC. I handle pain well, not Gibbs at Ess.

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Sep 29, 2016
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My son is just now telling me Essendon are looking at Gibbs, do I kill my son or blow up Essendon FC. I handle pain well, not Gibbs at Ess.
Joking about killing your son is pretty unbecoming, and concerning really.

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Jun 26, 2017
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I'm the opposite. I don't care about this match one iota. They are an irrelevancy who shouldn't even be in the league. Their matches in the context of the rest of the league are like the young kids table at the big family christmas party. You give them their little plates, they sit and pretend they are part of the celebration but in fact the real conversation is happening at the adults table. Win, lose or draw their matches are not in the slightest worth getting worked up over because they are irrelevant, even if God forbid they won a premiership, it doesn't count, except to them.
Hawkes supportere


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Feb 12, 2010
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Hawkes supportere
You know when you're a kid and the more you say you don't like a girl, the more it means you really like the girl?

This guy is similar in the more he says he doesn't care about losing to us, the more he really wants to beat us.


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Oct 8, 2006
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LMAO ‘kids sit and pretend they are part of the Christmas celebration’ this guy obviously doesn’t have kids. Kids make out like bandits every Christmas and run the show. And the ‘adult conversations’ are mostly about the kids anyway... much like this Hawthorne clown can’t stop talking about us.
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