Mod. Notice Depressed? Anxious? Call Beyond Blue (1300 224636), Lifeline (131114), resources in OP


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May 5, 2016
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Hugs to all those struggling ,who were shit at school and bullied all their lives in a colder World which puts being smart at the top of importance.

God not doing a very good job atm.
don’t want to get into a religious debate with you by any means mate but to those who believe (I am one, but have no beef with those that don’t), it’s the fact that God have us free will that leads to that happening. We have a choice every day, every time we engage our brains, to do right or wrong or kind or mean. And that’s simply what leads to that sort of thing. people have a choice to be kind or be a prick and if they choose the latter, that’s how bullying is done. And it sucks.

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