PS4 Detroit: Become Human

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Apr 25, 2011
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Been playing Beyond two souls to psyche myself up for Detroit - free game this month for PS Plus. Played the demo of Beyond back on the PS3 when it came out but it didn't really do much for me and I have to say, playing the full game now, it's still the same - I think the focus of Quantic Dream wanting to tell a story kind of hurts the game (lots of quick time sequences I've found you can't actually fail even if you try - I guess they want to push the narrative forward so you get railroaded a lot). I suppose if you only have 1 playable character (Jodie), you can't progress the game if they were to die. Generally, just not as fun as Heavy Rain or Until Dawn were IMO due to the lack of consequences for your actions.

I played the demo of Detroit at PAX last year (hostage negotiation level) and thankfully that was a welcome step back to the Heavy Rain mechanics with lots of branching storylines based on the choices and outcomes of your actions Pretty keen for this!


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Jun 2, 2012
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Picked it up today, and enjoyed what I've played so far. Feel's like you're watching a movie at times, only played it for an hour, and unsure if I'll have time this weekend, but already itching to play it again.
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Feb 23, 2008
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So I'm around 15 chapters in. Wanted to offer some dot-point observations:

  • Completely feels like a Quantum/Cage game. The way characters move, the dialogue options. The (cutie) talking head at the main menu screen - makes you feel immersed as soon as you fire up the game.
  • One of the best looking games I've ever played. Motion capture is A++.
  • The soundtrack is brilliant as well, really heightens the intended mood of each scene. Big moments have felt like big moments, while more emotional decisions/actions have been complimented by an appropiate background score.
  • Love the subtle and effective ways in which we see Connor, Kara & Markus' motivations change throughout their journies. Some very good story telling here.
  • The red 'breaking protocol' scenes/choices for each character make quite an impact.
  • I've been a Telltale fan for a long time, even if I felt their mechanic had become a bit stale. THIS IS HOW YOU DO CHOICE-BASED NARRATIVES.
  • Very interesting to look back at each chapter's flowchart to figure out the 'sliding doors' moments. I've gone back two times to replay certain events as I didn't like the outcome the first time. Both involved Connor, the character I feel most invested in.
  • There's probably some recency bias here, but I'm having more fun with this than God of War.

Power's been off here for most of the day - so jumping on now to finish.
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