Politics Dictator Robert Mugabe named 'Goodwill Ambassador' by the W.H.O.


Dec 1, 1999
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So you're saying it doesn't matter who does what, it only Matters when one of our victims does it, only then its wrong?

To understand Mugabe, one must understand the situations that lead to a such a man.

One of the people Most directly responsible for the suffering that lead to mugabe and what once was a democratic movement, is still in power and has never been held accountable.

If we truly want to avoid more people like Mugabe, we need to be open.

Look at her now, still doing what the elite of England want her to, subversion of democracy. Her son Prince Andrew implicated visiting rape Islands run by Epstein. Implicated in the apparant murder of the next Kings mother. Where do you think she got alot of diamonds from? From white owned mines using Slavery, Slavery that mugabe put an end to.
He was a murderous dictator. Nobody forced him to do a bloody thing.

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Mar 1, 2014
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Just heard an interview with Henry Olonga. Olonga was, with Andy Flower one of two Zimbabwean cricketers who protested at the regime of Robert Mugabe. Anyone who thinks Mugabe had an upside should listen to Olonga speak. The first black player to represent Zimbabwe and a devout Christian Olonga now lives in Adelaide and earns his living from music and singing.


Mugabe's rise and fall into the abyss of totalitarianism is not unlike that of another despot in Adolf Hitler. Like Hitler Mugabe was initially elected democratically and initiated some reforms in his first years. However the old saying, 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' came to pass. Eulogising Mugabe is akin to eulogising Hitler.


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Aug 18, 2017
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Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for increasing the number of US troops in the Middle East. Awards of recognition such as this are a croc of s**t. When that recognition comes from an corrupt leftist organisations such as the WHO and UN you just have to laugh. It's not too disimillar to the Australian of the Year award. There s always some sort of an agenda, usually it's style promotion of their beliefs.

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