Game Day Do it for Sandi and Ballas (crap - forgot Son-Son.😖)

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Matthew Pavlich Medallist
May 26, 2003
South Fremantle
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Sandi to make Clarke crap his dacks at the first bounce with a sly, quiet word 'training towel ups', and a wink for good measure, before going on to win the hitouts 48-12, and beating Clarke's total hitouts with 14 to advantage. Add in his 18 possessions, 5 clearances and 2 goals, and he will be vying with Fyfe for BOG.

Ballas to get 8 possession, 4 tackles, 0 goals till the last quarter when he'll pull something magic out of his backside to score a goal in his last AFL game (yes, you read it right here) and send the crowd wild.

Fyfe to get a lazy 34 possessions (23 contested), take three massive contested marks, two of which will result in his two goals.

Ballas will lead the chair off the ground, carried off by long time team-mates Mundy and Fyfe.

Darcy will give the main attraction, one Aaron Sandilands, a shoulder ride off the ground cos there's no-one else who can take the other side (except maybe Ballas, but he's getting his own chair for this one).

The Essendon players may or may not do the righty and form a guard of honour, depends on Woosha's mood. And Woosha may or may not go storming into the Freo rooms at half-time to tell Freo to stop winning by so much, and try and save his job for him. He is a Beacy boy after all, right?

Have at it, folks.

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 31, 2012
AFL Club
Perhaps in some other universe, today was known as the day that the Wallabies won the Bledisloe after 17 years, Smith scored his 3rd Ashes century in a row and Peel had a convincing win.

Today was the day Adelaide and Port Adelaide spectacularly capitulated against the Pies and Roos keeping Freo in the finals race.

And the day Sandilands monstered the ruck and tapped to Fyfe, who found it in the hands of Ballantyne and Walters on 8 separate occasions, for them to finish up 4 goals a piece.

Oh yeah plus we win by like a gazillion and the Windan Bridge pedestrian overpass bottleneck opens up for me to glide my bike over and get home in time to start and finish the replay before midnight.

Yeah why not.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 22, 2011
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Let's start off manic pressure, go hard and feast on Essendon's fragility. Would love to sack Woosha too. Can see ballas getting in their faces and snagging a couple


Club Legend
Oct 15, 2006
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Essendon are going to try to ambush us. On paper a lot of good ins for them (you would suspect some would be playing with injuries).

Essendon will go hard to win this one to make finals then give most of their team 2 weeks off before the finals. I hope we win but they have a lot to play for.

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Wally Walpamur

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 23, 2016
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I haven’t posted here in a while due to moving house and all the joy that goes along with it. I missed the Geelong game but looking forward to tonight.

We win by plenty.

Wear your layers, it’s going to be a friggin cold one.

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