Game Day Do it for Sandi and Ballas (crap - forgot Son-Son.😖)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 30, 2004
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Chicago Bulls, Kansas City Royals
I suppose at least we exposed some of the footsoldiers we have speculated on and know definitely they aren't up to the level e.g. Shultz, Crowden, Switowski, Bewley.
Cam Mac showed a bit.
Other than that complete and utter bollocks and a clown act.
Crowden and Switkowski did some good things. I get really frustrated when I see Mundy making bonehead decisions with the ball. Schultz is not good and Bewley didn't play tonight..

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Premiership Player
Aug 20, 2014
AFL Club
What a frustrating ******* game. Feel like we were basically the better team in every aspect bar the finishing the ******* scoreboard. Ughghuhhg, this club will be the death of me.

Positives without too much thought into it.
1) Think Crowden can be a player for us
2) Cerra continues to play well in the back half of the season
Give me a break Cerra does fu** all and racks up cheapies in the back half

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