Do you watch grand-finals that Richmond doesnt feature in?

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Wooden Robot

Team Captain
Feb 6, 2019
Sutton Grange
AFL Club
Watched them all ..... albeit only parts of 2014 as I was at work that day. Recorded it, but as it was a fizzer, never watched it. I don't think I missed much.
Been overseas for a couple of them (as I have for Melbourne Cups), but always manage to track someplace down where I've been able to watch it.
Not adverse to watching two other teams. When I was living in Melbourne, I'd see two games a week live, sometimes three. Now, living in regional Victoria and working most weekends, I'll catch whatever game I can when I head to Melbourne. With mates who are Hawthorn, Geelong and Bullogs supporters, I've seen dozens of their games over the last decade or so.

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Mr Anderson

Senior List
Aug 12, 2007
AFL Club
For years (2001-11) was in FNQ at GF time, went to the local pub which had it on a big screen - lots of holidaying Victorians there, very few locals... didn't matter who was playing, it was an afternoon all to myself away from the wife and kids... usually staggered home happy no matter who won. In 2012 one of my best mates got married at 2pm on GF day in Canberra (Bombers supporter), so missed out on the football. Moved back to Victoria in 2013 and been to every GF since, with 3 mates, usually pick one team to support and generally really enjoy the day, even if the game is average. 2016 was a really special day - I was wearing blue and was genuinely really happy for all the Bulldogs supporters. Of course, 2017 was a surreal day, and I understood exactly how all those Dogs supporters had felt.
I went to 2018 feeling a bit empty, and genuinely did not care who won, which was a unique experience - the game was pretty good without any emotional attachment.
2019 was just a walk in the park - I was 99.9% confident we'd win easily - and an afternoon of celebration of all things Tiger.

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