Does anyone know this Nth Launceston Robins Player?

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Dane Swan Fan

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Oct 1, 2003
Pearcedale, Victoria.
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This is for Tasmanians ofcourse and older ones.

He played U16 Football for East Launceston before being swapped with Martin Hay (Brother of Ruckman Steven Hay) to Nth Launceston for winger Mark Howell. The deal attracted little attention at the time though. He stood at 190cm and 74kg. Still growing. He had a similar playing style to Steven Hay who was teaching and coaching at Hobart at the time. In his first rep game VS NWFU he was outstanding with the BOG award. He kicked 7 goals in his first 4 senior matchs for the robins. He played under Tony Chang and was known for his great grabs and goal kicking skills. He played in the winning 1982 NTFA Under 19's Grand Final.

He was named in the NTFA U19 sqaud and turned on a great performance along side Pat Bailey and Egan. Winning by 2 goals and 15behinds.

In a Semi Final for North he took a big pack mark vs Launceston in a 1982 U19 match.

He showed superopr strength in marking over Launcestons Mark Harris one game.

Some highlights during the 1982 and 1983 period was the exchange between a few Nth players. in 7 minutes it went Jackson to Maynard goal, ______ to Jackson goal. Maynard goal. ______ goal, ______ to mackrill goal.

During a first quater between east and north at york park where he tackle Geoff Skeggs and they both crashed over the boundry. The tackle was nothing special but prehaps abit forceful. As ____ got up to take the feild he was cuffed over the head by an East supporter. North supporters nearly took to the east supporter but he walked away.

He was rumored one year about going to Northern Districts but elected to stay at North. He did later on choose to move to ND though.

He got the Cascade Boags Leauge player of the round. Kicking 5 goals VS Hobart. That day, now Brisbane FF A. Lynch kicked 2 goals.

He was once reported for trying to kick a opponent.

Richmond and Fiztory both talked to him during the 82 - 83 seasons before he did his knee in a foolish act.

_____ played on players such as Nick Reiwolts father and A. Lynch from Brisbane.

Does anyone know who he is?