Does salary cap really even the competition?

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especias secreto
Sep 5, 2011
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Being that the AFL is currently obsessed with building it's fan base, I wonder if removing the salary cap would force the clubs to do more of the leg work on this?

I.e. more members equals more money in the war-chest to throw at players...


Brownlow Medallist
Mar 23, 2008
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The salary cap only restricts teams from outside Victoria. Plenty of opportunities to earn extra money via media and endorsements for anyone who wants a public profile in Melbourne, pretty limited by comparison in the other states.
Late to the conversation...but there're way more opportunities on top of the media gigs and endorsement you mention. Real estate 'schemes', and I do mean shonky schemes, for one is an excellent inducement and the bigger/richer the city, the bigger the gains for the player. Player buys cheaply from a club 'connection' with a promise of a buy back in 5 yrs time at double the outlay ( or whatever agreed increase). I know it happens.

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