Review Dogs 57 def Giants 33. There’s bite in the old dog.

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Premiership Player
Jun 4, 2015
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I wouldn’t mind giving Toby an extended run at being our pure defensive forward. I’m not sure if that was the plan last night given that Whitfield went off early. We need to give him a role on a dangerous playmaker in the defensive half and not base his game on touches or goals.

I think we should send him to Jake Lloyd next week to shut him down. It’s not really Bevo’s style though.
He's done it with Cordy I believe

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May 27, 2002
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Western Bulldogs
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I am not wanting to start an argument with you (if that is indeed possible) but that is not my memory of Leon Cameron. I loved him as a player and his performances for us and I was sorry to see him go.
Correct Mr Walker, Leon could kick either foot, left or right, very gifted footballer, beautiful mover with ball in hand. Loyal bulldog who was traded yet heart was with us hence came back as an assistant. Remember being a coach is a job it should not distort your memory of Cameron as a bulldog player.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 13, 2012
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
We have clear weaknesses:

a tendency to be soft due to Timmy getting smacked and having blokes like Sam Lloyd

We manage to hand the oppo goals with awful thrnkcwrs


the midfield we put out their last night was awesome


I think we have one of the more potent forward lines in the game. They just haven’t slotted them yet. Lloyd and Dale are both capable goalkickers that haven’t got it going yet.Wally loves a goal, and our keys can therefore just crush packs and kick more than they miss.

I really hope we use our midsized forwards to our advantage this year

Dogs Rule

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 27, 2005
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Western Bulldogs
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Yeah I noticed that, fu**en awesome to see from a new guy. He went in throwing people around, really flew the flag. Onya Bruce.
How good is it? He sees them cowardly flinging Bont and it’s as though he says ‘F*** you gutless wonders, you’re all going to cop it’


Club Legend
Apr 2, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
True, but our misses early were bread and butter shots
Most of the early misses weren't difficult shots on goal. Really think a sports psychologist could have an impact as I dont feel that is a technique issue
It seems like they feeling internal pressure and try steer the ball rather than just kicking through it. Would be worth looking into as with the opportunities that we create we could slice games wide open if we took our chances

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