Review Dogs 57 def Giants 33. There’s bite in the old dog.

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Premiership Player
Jan 19, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Jongy was pretty solid second game in. Seems to be finding his targets well and even had a snap shot at goal. The willingness and confidence to have a shot in general play has always been a step he needed to take to move forward. Might be in the right place/space to take those now. Good luck to him. Would love to see his courage and perseverance rewarded playing his part in some big wins on some big stages.


Team Captain
Jun 17, 2007
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I wonder if they're "privately seething" over Naughts running through Whitfield?

Actually, why wouldn't they be?

GWS remind me of the schoolyard bully who loves dishing it out, but then runs squealing to the teacher when it
comes back :D
Don't you just admire a team and its' supporters who revere, and elevate a player to the leadership group, who has a tribunal record as long as your arm, which includes scratching, punching, spitting, kicking, and an over-rated full forward, also with a tribunal record as long as your arm, whose last action put another player in hospital, with a potentially life threatening injury. HYPOCRITES!

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2007
West Footscray
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
What a waste all that spear shaking the oranges attempted when they sent Nick Haynes to toss the coin. It completely went over Bont's head!! He thought it must have been a milestone game for Haynes or something of that ilk, lol! Love it. :tearsofjoy:


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