Dogs and knee surgery - a brief history


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Apr 17, 2013
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Western Bulldogs
Remember the 08 prelim? Murph was spraying them everywhere. He couldn't actually feel his leg he was on that many psinkillers, and so he had no touch. He was still good when he was on the park, but that was all too often with the aid of a jab. For 5 or so years he had continual issues that had him considering early retirement. That's what prompted his shift back to the back line, so he could run in straighter lines and prolong his career. Happily it settled down again and he is back to his best. I still think his prime was partially robbed from him, and it all adds to the 'what if' of the 08-10 years.
Best player in the shit 2009 or '10* final against Collingwood. *cant be arsed looking up which but was at the game. He WAS the backline that day. Only thing worth cheering about upto half time was murph bobbing and weaving through about 6 opposition players.. Was the most agile player on the deck so it must have been good by then.

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