Review Dogs belt the filty Plastics 125 to 105

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Premiership Player
May 25, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
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Blackhawks, SF Giants, 49ers, Jazz
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Club Legend
May 25, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Turn overs killed us like always thankfully we were efficient going forward


Premiership Player
Sep 28, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
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Utah Jazz
It’s amazing but if we had beaten Adelaide instead of losing by a point, we would be in 6th spot on the ladder. Our percentage is holding up. We just need to get some wins, I think we will really rue the losses to the two Adelaide teams.

Good to see us converting a few more opportunities tonight. We would have been in trouble if we hadn’t kicked straight, that’s for sure.

I imagine we miss Weightman now for a little bit. Hopefully we can get our full team back together some time soon.

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Norm De Guerre

Left of the dial.
Mar 27, 2004
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Australian Farnarkling XI
Im not sure how you can belt a team yet allow them to accumulate 105 points.

Its an ongoing concern that we still haven't developed a plan to counter teams that roll the dice and run forward of the ball.

Especially a team that under a new coaching regime has been playing this kind of attacking football for weeks. We really should've been better prepared to counter this style of game. It was obvious going into the game that they were going to kick it long and straight down the ground and then force it forward. Yet we didnt really seem to have a counter for this tactic that allowed them to take advantage of the two forward threats they had.

It exposed our incredibly shaky back half to a barrage of one on ones which they are not very good at defending.

Toby Greene is a freakishly good player. I dont think there is a single player tall or small in our back half that didnt have a crack at stopping him.
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Al dente

Team Captain
Sep 11, 2019
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
good win,

GWS were fascinating to watch, just relentlessly going through the corridor, we struggled to stop it,

West was pleasing again, solid return from JJ

TOB and Gardner are both poor groundball players and Keith is mediocre in that facet, its a big worry

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