Review Dogs def Freo 93-65 - Rd 13, 2021

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 14, 2001
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Very happy to take the win.

We got lucky with some injuries to Freo but then again if Hannan and Naughton had made hay we would have killed them.

Bont, Macrae and Hunter were awesome. Naughton was outrageous but when he gets the yips he really gets the yips.

10-2 is a great result. I think we have some sore players who will be looking forward to the break.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 30, 2016
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics
First victory at Optus...was never gonna be pretty.

Can't help but think their players dropping like flies with 12 to go helped us fall over the line though.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 29, 2015
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Got the points.
A few goals as well...

Ugly, but a win is a win. Bont strong early, Naughts had an all time game, except he couldn't hit the side of a barn.

Shame that Stef is set for another stint in sideline. Time to take a break, refresh and prepare for a tough few games ahead.

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