Review Dogs Lose to Demons by 28 - Rd 11, 2021

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Club Legend
Jun 10, 2007
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
We were slightly off and gave them a start with some stupid turnovers. We make the most of some early momentum in the 3rd we might have got our tail up. Credit to Melbourne they defensively are fantastic. Rather this happen now than in the finals and we have some good ins. Never thought we were too far out of it post quarter time

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 29, 2015
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Not in control at all tonight, to lose by 28pts isn't the worst though. Could have been plenty more and given who we were missing, plenty to learn.
Can't let the form slide too much though.

Roarke, Jack and Keath were solid, English probably our best, while plenty were down.

We have to keep grinding wins out and get ourselves back into gear. And get our workrate back to where it needs to be.


I really am Aker.
Jun 23, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Melbourne Victory
Melbourne look like a team going places. Real tight group.

They used the ball better, worked harder, had a better structure and kicked straighter in front of the big sticks.

Not many positives. We didn’t give up. English played well on his return. Macrae and Naughton battled hard.

Feel bad for Garcia. Terrible way to start your career.

We need a plan for May and Lever. They must be taken down.

Let’s reset, learn some lessons in the cold hard light of day and come back bigger and better.

Goodnight. Be kind.

Dog 36

Premiership Player
Oct 4, 2004
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
My biggest fear tonight was we were not going to roll up and play the way we are capable of.

With no crowd start was most important and what did we do is gift the opposition 3 goals.

9 2 clear second need to make most of it now

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