Autopsy Dogs lose to Tigers - Rd 7, 2021

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All Australian
Oct 28, 2017
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
So many little moments that ruined our chance tonight. Bont missing a simple set shot. Having nobody on the line for a set shot. Lipinski missing late with time to compose himself.

End of the day though, our midfield were smashed in the second half and our defence lost composure in rebounding back.

Too many players not contributing tonight.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 17, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Perspective guys...
6-0, the dam wall was going to break at some stage. Had a slugfest last week and we aren't at the stage we can back up those matches with wins against strong sides.

Reckon we will learn lots from tonight's game. The biggest learning being which players are up to it when the whips are cracking in the coalface and which ones aren't.

I really dislike our undisciplined behaviour when we were getting pantsed in the 3rd QTR. Naughton throwing Balta off the ball, Bruce pushing Grimes' head into the turf and West doing a couple of things. We have to be better than that imo. Looked like brats


Norm Smith Medallist
May 30, 2016
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics
Tom Lynch must be glad he had a sack of taters like Cordy as an opponent to help play him back into form tonight...

Lipinski, JJ, and Schache played like they fear body contact against the one opposition that charges into you with tackles for the whole game. Not a great mix.

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Premium Platinum
Jun 29, 2015
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Good time to learn these lessons. Tiges made necessary changes at half time and we couldn't go with then.

We looked gassed late in the game, struggling to cover the ground and no link up from behind.

Plenty down on their game and while all the media talk will be how undermanned Tigers were, we were missing plenty.

Few changes again for next week and we get to go again.


All Australian
Aug 27, 2015
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Elite Sport.

It requires execution under intense pressure.

If Schache, West, Cordy, JJ or Lipinski ever find themselves wondering why they are having an extended run in the seconds, they need to watch this game on replay.

The Tiges were too proud to lay down two weeks in a row and won the battle. I'm still confident we will win the war.

Mantis Toboggan

Club Legend
Mar 24, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Schache is seriously the softest footballer I’ve ever seen on a football field. And how the f***k does Cordy get a game? Lewis Young was dropped and played a million times better than the rubbish Cordy served up tonight
Easy to blame Cordy but he’s not got much chance on Lynch. Really weird that Bevo didn’t swap him and Keath when it was going so badly.


Aug 16, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Footscray; Lakers
Well we should have learned a lot from that loss. There are some players who can't handle the heat (yet)... and our coach needs to have a plan B. Just trusting and holding on in hope will not get it done often enough to win another flag. Figure out a way to counter the Richmond game plan or we won't win another flag soon.

Maverick Dog

All Australian
Oct 30, 2003
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
English was a big loss from a centre square clearance. I think he can jump over Nankervis. Will be interesting to see how Bruce goes against the other top team. He was terrible but has credits.

unfair taking potshots and all the newbies. Worst game to come into the team for your first of the season. Senior players except Libba and Dale didnt turn up.

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