Game Day DOGS v FREO 6.10pm - Finals or Bust, All or Nothing.

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May 7, 2011
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Western Bulldogs
I have decided to tempt fate and I have just ordered the ultimate Lucky Meal. Free delivery and $5 off is all my loyalty is worth.

I am getting a "Trump Tower Bbq Brisket Burger Combo" which is slow cooked brisket, a Wagyu beef patty, slaw, sliced pickles, onion rings, cheddar cheese and a smoked bbq sauce with a side of chips and a lemon, lime and bitters.(Probably invented by you-know-who himself.)

If that doesn't win it for us, then at least it just might kill me so I won't have to suffer after a loss.

P.S. - Please do not tell the Joe Biden campaign on me. I might be kicked out of the Democratic Party and I haven't had the opportunity to vote Chicago-style(three times minimum) for Joe yet.


Please, no hate. :)

And here it is.

The lemon lime and bitters was handmade, not from a bottle.
needs some gravy

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Don't look at me like that
Dec 3, 2009
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Western Bulldogs
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Footscray Bulldogs, Williamstown
We might make something out of Roarke yet. I've always been a fan ever since I started watching him in the VFL because I felt he was a far better defender then Wood had been at a similar age. Knee injuries have robbed him of a lot of crucial development but he played like his career depended on it tonight.
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