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Sep 23, 2011
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They don't Work so is there a way now how to do it?
I've been doing so with FFmpeg. The AFL website (and Kayo, and lots of other sites I assume) now use HLS streaming. HLS streaming breaks up the video file into a heap of smaller segment files, which helps it upscale/downscale quality on the fly when you're watching. FFmpeg finds all those segments, compiles them and spits them out as a single MP4 file.

Step One:
Download 'The Stream Detector' add-on for Firefox.

Step Two:
Download the current build of 'FFmpeg'. I found these instructions the best help for installing it.

Step Three:
Head over to the AFL website and go to the fixture section. The AFL website still has Quarter-by-Quarter full game replays as far back as 2012 on there. I'll chose Round 1 2013 Richmond v Carlton, 1st Quarter for this example.

Step Four:
Head to the Match Centre and scroll down to the bottom where it has 'Latest Videos for the Match'. Click on the video you want, so for us the 1st Quarter.

Step Five:
Once the video opens up Stream Detector will tell you it's found something with a pop-up in the bottom right of your screen.


You can't right click on the actual video itself, so right click in the white 'Related Videos' bar at the bottom of the screen.


As per the screenshot above, select The Stream Detector and then click 'Copy all URLS' and paste these in a notepad document.


The one you want is the one that ends in master.m3u8. At first I was just copying until the end of the .m3u8 extension but it wasnt working, I was getting 403 forbidden errors. To prevent this you have to copy the whole thing, including the fastly_token. These tokens update regularly, so you can't go and copy 5 games worth of links to download when you have time (as I found out the hard way). You pretty much just have to do them right before you download them.

Step Six:
Now that you've copied the link, you need to add it to the code found in Step Four here.


Step Seven:
Copy that, paste it in Command Prompt and hit Enter.


Step Eight:
Just leave it go. Don't open another Command Prompt and try and do two quarters at the same time, it seems to fu** things up and cause errors. If you want to save a little time, copy the links for all four quarters put them one after another in notepad and save it as a .BAT file.


Execute that and it'll just download the whole game for you one quarter after the other.


It seems to default my output files to C:\Users\MYUSER. I'm not code savvy enough to change where it outputs, but I'm sure it's not that hard if you wanted to.

Step Nine:
Download as many games as you want! It's very similar process for Kayo as well.
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