Current Dozens exhumed from mass graves at the home of former police officer - El Salvador

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Dec 27, 2016
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Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chavez who has previously been under investigation for sex crimes is a serial killer.

Most of the remains being exhumed from his backyard are female, it's estimated up to forty but more people who believed their missing relatives, men and women of all ages could be among the bodies gathered outside the house on Thursday, as forensic workers dressed in white suits removed skeletons from the ground.

The prosecutors' office said the victims may include girls aged nine, seven and two.

What a wretched, heartbreaking situation.

"There's the hope of recognising a family member, even among the corpses," said Marleny Barrientos, who carried a photograph of her son, who disappeared in 2015.

Orsario was detained last week for killing a woman and her daughter, which prompted a harder look at him.

Arrest warrants have been issued for more people believed to have been involved in some of the killings.

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