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Jul 16, 2009
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1 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Matt Rowell

2 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Noah Anderson

3 :melbourne: Melbourne - Luke Jackson

4 :gws: GWS - Lachie Ash

5 :sydney: Sydney - Dylan Stephens

6 :adelaide: Adelaide - Fischer McAsey

7 :freo: Fremantle - Hayden Young
8 :freo: Fremantle - Caleb Serong

9 :freo: Fremantle - Liam Henry [Academy]

10 :gws: GWS - Tom Green [Academy]

11 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Sam Flanders

12 :melbourne: Melbourne - Kysaiah Pickett

13 :hawthorn: Hawthorn - Will Day

14 :port: Port Adelaide - Miles Bergman

15 :bulldogs: Western Bulldogs - Cody Weightman

16 :geelong: Geelong - Cooper Stephens

17 :carlton: Carlton - Brodie Kemp

18 :port: Port Adelaide - Mitch Georgiades

19 :geelong: Geelong - Sam De Koning

20 :carlton: Carlton - Sam Philp

21 :richmond: Richmond - Thomson Dow
22 :brisbane: Brisbane Lions - Deven Robertson

23 :port: Port Adelaide - Dylan Williams

24 :adelaide: Adelaide - Harry Schoenberg

25 :port: Port Adelaide - Jackson Mead FS

26 :sydney: Sydney - William Gould

27 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Jeremy Sharp

28 :adelaide: Adelaide - Joshua Worrell

29 :hawthorn: Hawthorn - Finn Maginness FS

30 :essendon: Essendon - Harrison Jones

31 :north: North Melbourne - Charlie Comben

32 :melbourne: Melbourne - Trent Rivers

33 :brisbane: Brisbane Lions - Brock Smith
34 :north: North Melbourne - Jack Mahony

35 :north: North Melbourne - Flynn Perez

36 :sydney: Sydney - Elijah Taylor

37 :brisbane: Brisbane Lions - Keidean Coleman

38 :essendon: Essendon - Nick Bryan

39 :sydney: Sydney - Chad Warner

40 :collingwood: Collingwood - Jay Rantall

41 :geelong: Geelong - Francis Evans

42 :adelaide: Adelaide - Ronin O'Connor

43 :richmond: Richmond - Noah Cumberland

44 :richmond: Richmond - William Martyn

45 :collingwood: Collingwood - Trent Bianco

46 :richmond: Richmond - Hugo Ralphsmith

47 :carlton: Carlton - Sam Ramsay

48 :adelaide: Adelaide - Lachlan Gollant

49 :westcoast: West Coast - Callum Jamieson
50 :geelong: Geelong - Cameron Taheny

51 :gws: GWS - Jake Riccardi

52 :stkilda: St Kilda - Ryan Byrnes

53 :bulldogs: Western Bulldogs - Louis Butler

54 :richmond: Richmond - Bigoa Nyuon

55 :collingwood: Collingwood - Trey Ruscoe

56 :essendon: Essendon - Ned Cahill

57 :hawthorn: Hawthorn - Josh Morris

58 :westcoast: West Coast - Ben Johnson

59 :brisbane: Brisbane Lions - Jason Prior

60 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Jy Farrar

61 :freo: Fremantle - Minairo Frederick

62 :bulldogs: Western Bulldogs - Riley Garcia

63 :essendon: Essendon - Lachlan Johnson

64 :stkilda: St Kilda - Leo Connolly

65 :gws: GWS - Thomas Hutchesson

Pick Trades here:
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Aug 25, 2019
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Any more details? Yet they would allow GC to trade a late 20s pick for 11 and then Brisbane to spend 7mins trying to match a bid
I'm guessing the Eagles wanted to trade a future pick & were rejected as per the rules. The Eagles gave up everything in order to get Kelly, which many - including myself- felt was too much and argued as much in over 900 pages of the Big Footy feed. So what is the role the AFL should take as arbiter in Trade, fixture or off-field matters? The Eagles had lost their recruitment manager and found themselves under-siege from certain corners of the media pushing an agenda for the purpose of ratings. Tim Kelly was completely vilified and yet the AFL remained silent. not for the first time! The GC trade to Geelong wasn't great, although I'm unsure if I should blame GC for once again giving away draft positions cheaply, Geelong for accepting such generous terms or the AFL for their abstinence. The fixture is another gripe. The increase in Km's traveled is becoming unprecedented if not negligent. I mean, how can one measure the affects of mild concussion or knocks on recovery or damage at altitude? The AFL... silence.The players association... silence! OK' so I'm typing though the lens of a WCE supporter, but it seems to me that if arbitration's are not money related the AFL isn't interested! Sometimes I get the impression the AFL are just a bunch of gambling, beer swigging bankers meeting at Macca's for a late night fee burger.
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Sep 25, 2006
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Good on The Suns for backing themselves in and having a crack. Reckon with their rescue package they could afford to take a punt on Sharp, in addition to go with their blue chip selections, Rowell, Anderson and Flanders.

Next year's draft is going to be almost 2014 bad apparently, so I like their line of thinking
2014 bad apparently?
Depends from where your sitting.
When i revisit 2014 i see at our first three selections- Jordan De Goey, Darcy Moore and Brayden Maynard.

If 2020 is this bad, I'll take it.

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