List Mgmt. Draft rewind: The inside story of Richmond’s remarkable 2016 off-season

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 30, 2011
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Had an interesting convo with a mate who goes for the Blues today after reading the Bargain-Basement feature on Liam Baker on our site. It shows just how good our drafting has been.

Me: Liam Baker was available to be drafted from 2016 onwards and when you look at his highlights package and it is incredible he was overlooked for so long.

Blues mate: There are always stories like this.

Me: Well let me give you a list of all the players the Blues traded in and drafted whilst overlooking Liam Baker:

petrevski-seton, fisher, macreadie, polson, williamson, kerr, lebois, alex silvagni, gallucci, sheehan, smedts, pickett, marchbank, palmer, lobbe, kennedy, lang, dow, o’brien, de koning, schumacher, garlett, matt shaw

How do you overlook Liam Baker through that list of 23 inferior players(so far) and almost all of whom are complete spuds?

Blues mate: Well Richmond overlooked him too, so you are just as bad….

Me: Well, let’s see the list of who we took in preference… 2016 and 2017 before we grabbed Baker at pick 17 in the 2017 Rookie Draft.

2016 Prestia, Caddy, Nankervis, Graham, Garthwaite, Stengle
2017 Higgins, Coleman-Jones, Balta, Naish, Miller…..and then Baker.

The three traded in have been enormous, Graham, Stengle, Balta and Baker are already first team regulars. Higgins will be a regular at Saints. Miller and Garthwaite are obviously attempts to fill different needs, And Naish we got as a discount as a father/son and it would have been wrong not to take him. He may or may not yet turn out.

You give Carlton that type of drafting and recruiting from 2016, they would be good right now. Instead they spent a load of picks and trades on about 20 spuds, most who are already delisted, many who were one or two time losers already. You swap our list for theirs above since 2016 and we would be facing a serious cliff edge.

From 12 players brought into our club in those two off seasons, we look like having at least 9 long term AFL quality players.

From 23 players the Blues introduced through their revolving door, they look like getting 5 max. And they had the far superior array of picks.

You shake your head and wonder how on earth the Blues could pull inso much junk from all over the place and overlook someone as obviously good as Baker. Head scratcher. They took Dow and O’Brien with picks 3 and 10 and neither look like being near as good as him.
Robbie Gray.

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Meteoric Rise

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Feb 4, 2008
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Robbie Gray.

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Robbie Gray also failed to draft Liam Baker when he had the chance?

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