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Larry Barnsworth

Tiny Scotch Vovo
Mar 11, 2018
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I remember back in about 2010. It was before the Herald Sun erected their paywall anyway. But Wayne Carey had a book out (ghost written I presume) and each day the HUN would print an excerpt. No harm, no foul, right? Except they would give it a headline that omitted context and then mix it in with the regular news.

So you're scanning down the page: ;Hodge has a sore foot; Carlton draft pick debut; Tribunal; Player threatens to bash umpire - Hell that one sounds serious. * Click * "Aww you motherf***ers! It's just Carey's book! You got me again!"

The moment they were able to measure per story engagement, the industry was doomed.

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Sweet Jesus

Brownlow Medallist
Dec 20, 2014
Hong Kong
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West Coast
Check this out...

I like this quote, regarding Hutchison poaching Whateley and his vision for SEN.

Whateley's opening monologue was hardly the talkback tone of the old SEN. It was a soaring oration – almost a sermon – a highbrow flip given the more prevalent view of SEN radio as "80 per cent bullshit, 20 per cent ads".

The latter characterisation is based on Hutchison himself, and his gift for inflating and inflaming any and every spurious wedge issue – turning a footballer's hairstyle into a 24-hour cycle of hot takes and outrage.

Rohan Connolly, who runs the sport and lifestyle website Footyology, says he regards Hutchison as "without doubt one of the best news breakers" among his peers. "I suppose the downside of that ability," Connolly adds, "is the idea that you can frame everything in terms of headlines and talking points, and that no issue is too silly if you can create some angst and friction between opposing points of view, no matter how contrived."
I wonder if Konrad Marshall reads this thread.

It's a distilled take on my OP.
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