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May 19, 2016
Grand Final
AFL Club
Poor Dusty.
Ha ha he really had to do a number on himself to make the extra coin come contract time. Still though, the alternative was playing with norf and that is just plain abuse.
What would you rather do to earn money .... play for Norf or run around town in your undies??? It's a no brainer really! :D


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May 8, 2007
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Here's the accompanying article in the Hun

"Tigers superstar Dustin Martin is the new face and body of Bonds
Fiona Byrne, EXCLUSIVE, Sunday Herald Sun
January 20, 2018 5:55pm
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TIGERS superstar Dustin Martin has revealed he is hungry for more Grand Final glory and has his eyes set on repeating Richmond’s premiership success.

Ripped and inked as he launches a new national deal as the face and body of Bonds underwear and apparel, the AFL’s most compelling and unique player told the Sunday Herald Sun he was driven to win.

β€œTo win the grand final was just amazing and (what) keeps me hungry is that feeling,” Martin said.

β€œI want to experience that success again.

β€œI want to feel that feeling I had last year when the final siren went in the Grand Final. β€œI just love winning and love playing in such a great team.”

Martin’s record-breaking feats of last year included winning the Brownlow Medal, Norm Smith Medal, Leigh Matthews Trophy, AFL Coaches Association Player of the Year, and the Gary Ayres Award.

β€œLast year was a pretty good year for the team, and myself as well, but it did not happen overnight,” he said.

β€œIt was my eighth season, we were no good when I first started at the Richmond Football Club, so it all started way back when I got drafted and it has just been an awesome journey.

β€œI was saying to someone yesterday the coaches that have won premierships try to explain to you the feeling and you think, β€˜Oh yeah, must be OK,’ but until you actually experience it, it is an indescribable feeling and certainly one of the best things I have done in my life.”

Despite last year’s career defining on field exploits he refuses to see himself as the best player in the league.

β€œI won’t say I am the best,” he said.

β€œThere are plenty of good players out there at the moment. I just love playing footy and love team sport and obviously I was lucky enough to have the ultimate success last year and it was just awesome.”

At age 26 and having signed a new seven-year, $8 million deal with Richmond, Martin acknowledges he is going to have plenty of opposition players trying to shut him down this season.

Yeah, I suppose any team will go in with tactics against any player, but I will just keep going about my business,” he said.

β€œI think the great thing about our team is it is not just one player it is everybody doing their thing so I am pretty lucky to have such good teammates in that regard.”

While footy is his main game, Martin has long had a genuine interest in fashion and has swapped his Tigers jumper for sporty jocks as the Bonds underwear ambassador.

β€œI am happy with the photos and how everything went. They let me be myself and I think that is why it felt so right,” he said.

β€œI was a bit nervous at the start but we had a bit of fun and all turned out really good, but yeah, it is certainly different to what I am used to.

β€œI have grown up with Bonds all my life. As a young guy I was wearing Bonds around, and I still wear them now obviously.”

Last month Martin spent a day running up and down a block on Brunswick’s Sydney Rd in his undies for the filming of the Bonds campaign video which features his signature β€˜don’t argue’ fend off and nimble swerves and dodges.

He turned down the offer of a body double for the street filming and was unfazed by the odd looks he garnered from confused locals.

β€œIt was a bit awkward at times,” he confessed.

β€œI got a few different looks. We were on Sydney Rd at one stage and there were people everywhere, so it was a little bit odd.”

Next up Martin is ready to call in his deal with Footy Show stalwart Sam Newman, who promised the Tigers star he could have his $750,000 Lamborghini for a weekend if he won the Brownlow Medal.

β€œHe is certainly not going to get away with that. I still have not got the chance to take his Lambo out,” Martin said.

β€œI have been a bit busy lately with training and whatnot, but the next chance I get and have a day off I will be taking it out for a spin.

Newman will also host Martin’s next In Conversation events at The Palms at Crown on Saturday, March 3.

β€œMaybe I will hit him up on the night and see if I can drive it (the Lamborghini) home.”

Now back in full training, Martin is leaving nothing to chance as he prepares for the start of the AFL season and the first year of his new deal with Richmond.

β€œIt is good to be back into a routine and seeing all the boys. We are training really well,” he said.

β€œI certainly don’t take it (his 2017 success) for granted. I have a great support base around me, family, friends, my manager Ralph (Carr).

β€œThere is just a lot of gratitude, to be honest, and I will keep my head down and keep moving forward.”

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