Dusty's upbringing -story in the HS

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May 7, 2008
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In the end he was willing to pass on a big pay rise to stay with his mates in an environment he was comfortable with which nurtured his introverted nature.

St Kilda did have a ping at him though I don't think they would have paid what North was willing to pay. I checked the 2009 draft and the saints didnt pick til 37 so I doubt ever considered him. If players were driven to the club they followed as a kid Fyfe would have been looking to join us.

His pay check would have decimated North, it was madness.

We ended up paying him well and what he was worth and it did not break the bank.

I credit his family and (this sticks in my throat a bit) his manager Ralph Carr. He did what was best for Dusty but did not try to destroy us in the process. He looked after him both financially and personally. Even keeping Balmy away in the final week so Dusty, his Dad and Carr could make a decision without external influence. What i read suggests he was gone a week out and its likely Carr could have shut it down, he didn't, he left it for Dusty to make the final decision.

Like Ablett senior I think Dusty is at his best when he can concentrate on playing football.

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