Dwayne ' sh*t commentator ' Russell - PART 2 in 3d

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May 2, 2011
MacDonald Park
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Port Adelaide
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AUFC, CDFC, MUFC, Redbacks
He simply should NOT be allowed to call showdowns anymore, talked a lot of rubbish during yesterday’s game (too many to mention) & just being his usual big-headed self. Whoever assigns him to call these kind of games should simply be sacked.

If only $even would have the balls to allow for a Friday night showdown next season like they should have done this season (instead of focusing on their usual vic bias)

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Sep 15, 2006
AFL Club
What the fu** even is a drop step? I mean, it's stupid but at least I understand what "from the paint" means.
Drop step is strictly a basketball term for pivoting with the ball once stopped dribbling. It makes me angrier than it should when numbnuts Dwayne uses it in AFL, it makes no sense and he’s either as stupid as he looks or he’s just not trying anymore. What a spud.

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