Dwayne ' sh*t commentator ' Russell - PART 2 in 3d

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Apr 23, 2005
Your minds eye.
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Pittsburgh Penguins
He has been commentating on TV for 17 years. How does this happen? Are we the minority? To people actually enjoy his s**t?
I have mates and work with guys who also cannot stand him calling games, to ne honest I don't think I know anybody personally that think he is a good commentator.
The same colleagues and friends are divided on BT and special comments guys like Dermie but the overall consensus Derrrrrrwayne (hi by the way) is that he is just a terrible caller,

Dogs Rule

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Sep 27, 2005
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Several people I work with love him. "Adds excitement to the game" kind of stuff. Completely fabricating what is actually happening in front of our eyes in order for the self-serving idiot to utter one of his ridiculous phrases...not exciting for me.
Thinks he's interesting, entertaining and funny, but he's just a pain in the a***.

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Shane Heard

Premiership Player
Mar 11, 2018
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The ####**** absolutely ruined the dons v port game for me on Saturday.

One I remember went something like ...” bombers a chance to finish top 4 if they win today..and win the next 4...and a chance to drop out of the eight and miss finals if they lose the next 4 in a row”

Listening to his endless crap made my beer taste flat. Such is the annoyance he penetrates my nervous system with..the ####.

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Jan 4, 2015
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"If the scores stay like this, it will be a massive boost to the Dogs percentage. Not just because their score is so high, but because Essendon's is so low."

No sh*t, Dwayne.

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