Dwayne ' sh*t commentator ' Russell - PART 2 in 3d

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Sep 15, 2017
expatriated in East Asia
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Shake and bake, a series of destructive tests or statistically meaningful non-destructive tests used in science and technology industry that usually includes vibration testing and exposure to potential failure modes such as high temperature or thermal shock.
and it was from an old TV commercial about a bag of pre-mixed chicken coating. Put the chicken in with mix, shake it, then put in oven and bake it. I could and may have been used in calling football or basketball games with the bake referring to 'burning' the opponent with a move. What Will Ferrell was thinking using it, god only knows what goes on inside his head.
Same can be said of DR. I suspect it is his way of saying 'sold some candy'. Or he just likes the rhyming.

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Wayne Dwop

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Apr 16, 2016
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shake and bake
A method of making crystal meth in small batches without a heat source. The method involves mixing and shaking ingredients in a container, such as a 2 liter soda bottle. By preparing the drug in small quantities, cookers can avoid purchasing limits on over-the-counter medicines. Addicts can also prepare their own supply, bypassing dealers. Shake and bake meth can be prepared in bathroom stalls and moving vehicles. The chemical reaction involved in shaking the ingredients can create an explosion, and the drug itself has obvious health risks. Also called “one-pot” and “on the go” meth.

Drop step your way out of this one Dwayne.

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Apr 23, 2005
Your minds eye.
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Hearing him call this game fills me with hope he won't be calling the Carlton game tonight.

Bad enough watching us play at the moment let alone this campaigner call it.

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