Dwayne ' sh*t commentator ' Russell - PART 2 in 3d

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The Cryptkeeper

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 9, 2006
Left of centre.
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Super Tottenham....from the Lane.
Not sure why everyone is complaining. Dwayne is the best in the business. You know you are going to get an exciting call when he's in the commentary box.
He's like fingernails scraping a chalkboard.

Would honestly prefer to listen to two chicks playing professional tennis.

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Premiership Player
Apr 23, 2005
Your minds eye.
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Pittsburgh Penguins
Thankfully Derrrrrrrrrrrrrwayne will be on the shelf for a few months for me.
I don't listen to his show on SEN and I am not at all a basketball fan so don't have to put up with butchering NBL games over the Summer months.

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