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Oct 17, 2018
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West Coast
Sydney select RYAN BYRNES at pick 32.

Considered a taller big bodied mid here but I’m a huge fan of Byrnes also, would love him at WC come draft day. Byrnes is a first possession winning mid and clearance beast from Sandy Dragons.

Full write up to follow.

Suma Magic you’re up again with the Bombres.
Good get a 32. I reckon he will become a gem in a professional environment. Good coaching (at a good club) will iron out the 2 out of 10 kicks that he tends to shank. Genuine dual sided- mid with a turn of foot.


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Sep 18, 2003
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West Coast
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Claremont. New England Patriots.
I was looking for best available of the types I listed above. Not that I really know who I’d best available, but I’ve pick a KFD who is rated pretty highly you can hop fully replace Hooker and Hurley.

A long rundown:

And knightmare’s take:

17. Dyson Hilder
Best position:
Key defence
Height, weight: 196cm, 91kg
Recruited from: North Adelaide
Projected draft range: 20-60
Plays like: Scott Thompson
July Rankings: 15
Rationale: Key defender who was one of South Australia's best during the Under-18 Championships. Looks like a key defender with the attributes and performances on the board to suggest he has a high probability to develop at AFL level. Drops as others rise
Strengths: Intercept marking, one-on-one marking, one-on-one strength, reading of the drop of the ball, early reader of the ball in flight, kicking, vision
Weaknesses: Athleticism, versatility

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Great selection, he will get some game time next season. Mature kid and he is IMO a poor mans Sam Taylor from GWS.
Very good judgement of the ball in flight.
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Sep 8, 2009
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West Coast

200cm / 80 kg
Western Australia / Claremont

Mobile project ruckman who finds plenty of the ball around the ground . Jamieson played second fiddle to Luke Jackson in the WA 18s campaign but is highly rated but will need time to develop .
I'm really sorry and feel bad for sending Callum to Geelong but they need a ruckman ! :shrug:
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Dec 24, 2015
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West Coast
Adelaide next pick is Kysaiah Pickett a Ceduna boy.
he is the nephew of ex North Melbourne and Port Adelaide player Byron.
Adelaide now have their next Eddie Betts. Strangely enough he is the same height as Eddie and also hails from remote Ceduna.
He is a small, electric forward with explosive speed and knows where the goals are. Sound familiar.


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Aug 9, 2009
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West Coast
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Perth Demons, Liverpool
Pick 38: Richmond select Thomson Dow


Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country
Dow was third overall in the agility test at the Combine, ranking elite for his time of 8.061 seconds. The midfielder is likely to feature somewhere in the second round on draft night, and he had some eye-catching moments through his under-18 campaign. The Bendigo Pioneers prospect, whose brother Paddy was a top-three pick to Carlton two years ago, can zip out of a contest or stoppage and fly out of the blocks in a flash. He's also able to go forward and take a grab above his head.
Pick 39: Richmond select Hugo Ralphsmith


Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro

It has been an interesting year for Ralphsmith. He didn't hit great heights for Vic Metro at the under-18 championships, and his form for the Sandringham Dragons was also up and down. But let's focus on the ups to his game. Ralphsmith, whose dad Sean played 34 games for Hawthorn and St Kilda, is an elite runner, and he was top five in the 2km time trial and also in the top six for the running vertical jump. He can play as a hard-working midfielder, but has also spent time deep forward, where he flies for his grabs. Has ability and a bit to work with.
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Dec 25, 2004
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West Coast
Pick 40: GWS select Sam Philp.

Philp is described as a "likely type", standing at about 185cm with excellent pace, some aggression and the ability to find the ball.

Reading between the lines, he's not known for his kicking but you won't find anyone on the internet sh*t bagging it either.

1st in the 20-meter sprint, 5th in the yo-yo test with 22 disposals and 5 tackles per game in the NAB League. That's an interesting mix of attributes.



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Jul 24, 2013
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West Coast
Pick 35 Collingwood
Elijah Taylor
Mid/Forward Ht: 188cm Weight:77kg

given the profile of Collingwoods list I was after more ready made players or KPP. The short list was De Koning, Taylor, Pickett and Riccardi. Given talls take time to develop and Collingwood are in win now mode it makes sense to go for a player that can slot in now.

Taylor is a sublimely skilled mercurial player who is capable of absolute freakish stuff. Excellent overhead mark, absolute weapon of a kick and recorded the second highest agility test at the combine. Raw talent alone this kid is top 10 material in my opinion.

downsides is outside of the champs his form has being inconsistent and shown flashes of brilliance. Reportedly a few minor indiscretions and home sickness does make him a flight risk for interstate clubs.

honestly I’m hoping this kid slides to the Eagles has all the tools and in the right environment could become a very good player.

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