Competitions Eagles Board 2021 Phantom Draft

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Carbine Chaos

See my Chess
Apr 1, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Perth Demons, Everton

Collingwood (matched bid) - Nick Daicos (MID, Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro, 183cm/72kg)
2 North Melbourne - Jason Horne-Francis (MID/FWD, South Adelaide/South Australia, 185cm/81kg)
3 Hawthorn (trade GWS) - Finn Callaghan (MID - Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro, 189cm/82kg)
4 Western Bulldogs (matched bid) - Sam Darcy (RUCK/KPF - Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro, 204cm/75kg)
5 GWS (trade WCE Suns) - Neil Erasmus (MID/FWD - Subiaco/Western Australia, 190cm/82kg)
6 Adelaide - Josh Goater (MID/UTL - Calder Cannons/Vic Metro, 190cm/79kg)
7 West Coast (trade GWS Suns) - Matthew Johnson (MID, Subiaco/Western Australia, 192cm/81kg)
8 Fremantle - Josh Rachele (FWD/MID, Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country, 180cm/78kg)
9 Richmond - Ben Hobbs (MID, Greater Western Victoria Rebels/Vic Country, 183cm/80kg)
10 Richmond (trade Fremantle) - Josh Gibcus (KPD, Greater Western Victoria Rebels/Vic Country, 196cm/87kg)
11 St Kilda - Josh Ward (MID, Northern Knights/Vic Metro, 181cm/79kg)
12 Gold Coast (trade WCE GWS) - Tyler Sonsie (MID, Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro, 181cm/77kg)
13 Essendon - Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (MID, Glenelg/South Australia, 187cm/71kg)
14 Port Adelaide - Arlo Draper (UTL, South Adelaide/South Australia, 186cm/75kg)
15 West Coast (trade GWS Suns) - Angus Sheldrick (MID, Claremont/Western Australia, 179cm/88kg)
16 Brisbane - Mac Andrew (RUC, Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country, 200cm/70kg)
17 Fremantle (trade Richmond) - Jacob Van Rooyen (KPF/KPD, Claremont/Western Australia, 193cm/91kg)
18 Sydney - Mitch Knevitt (MID/FWD, Geelong Falcons/Vic Country, 193cm/81kg)
19 Melbourne - Jye Amiss (KPF, East Perth/Western Australia, 196cm/83kg)
20 Brisbane - Josh Sinn (DEF/MID, Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro, 186cm/73kg)


Fremantle - Leek Alleer (KPD, Central District/South Australia, 195cm/84kg)
22 North Melbourne - Rhett Bazzo (KPD/KPF, Swan Districts/Western Australia, 195cm/81kg)
23 Hawthorn - Jesse Motlop (FWD/MID, South Fremantle/Western Australia, 177cm/77kg)
24 Geelong - Campbell Chesser (MID/DEF, Sandringham Dragons/Vic Country, 186cm/83kg)
25 Geelong (trade) - Toby Conway (RUC, Geelong Falcons/Vic Country, 205cm/97kg)
26 Hawthorn (trade West Coast) - Zac Taylor (MID/FWD, Calder Cannons/Vic Metro, 180cm/74kg)
27 Melbourne (trade Carlton) - Michito Owens (MID/FWD, Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro, 190cm/85kg)
28 Fremantle (trade Richmond) - Darcy Wilmot (DEF, Northern Knights/Vic Metro, 183cm/75kg)
29 GWS (matched bid) - Josh Fahey (DEF, GWS Academy, 186cm/76kg)
30 Richmond - Tom Brown (DEF, Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country, 186cm/74kg)
31 Richmond - Jack Williams (KPF, East Fremantle/Western Australia, 195cm/93kg)
32 Brisbane (trade Gold Coast) - Sam Butler (FWD/MID, Greater Western Victoria Rebels/Vic Country, 184cm/76kg)
33 Sydney - Matthew Roberts (MID/FWD, South Adelaide/South Australia, 183cm/81kg)
34 Geelong - Connor MacDonald (MID, Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country, 184cm/77kg)
35 Adelaide (trade) - Judson Clarke (FWD/MID, Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country, 180cm/70kg)
36 Geelong - Blake Howes (FWD/MID, Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro, 190cm/79kg)
37 Carlton (trade Melbourne) - Marcus Windhager (MID/FWD, Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro, 183cm/82kg)


Carlton (trade Melbourne) - Cooper Murley (MID/FWD, Norwood/South Australia, 178cm/70kg)
39 Sydney - Brady Hough (UTL, Peel Thunder/Western Australia, 189cm/71kg)
40 Brisbane (trade Gold Coast) - Arthur Jones (MID/FWD, Claremont/Western Australia, 178cm/60kg)
41 North Melbourne - Sam Banks (MID/DEF, Tasmania Devils/Tasmania, 187cm/73kg)
42 Western Bulldogs - Kade Dittmar (MID, East Perth/Western Australia, 186cm/90kg)
43 Essendon - Paul Curtis (FWD, Western Jets/Vic Metro, 183cm/73kg)
44 Western Bulldogs - Sam Skinner (KPD, South Adelaide, 198cm/100kg)
45 West Coast (trade Hawthorn) - Luke Polson (KPF, Peel Thunder/Western Australia, 196cm/92kg)
46 Hawthorn (trade Essendon) - Bailey Rogers (MID, Claremont, 185cm/85kg)
47 GWS - Joshua Clarke (DEF, Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro, 183cm/77kg)


West Coast (trade Hawthorn) - James Tunstill (MID, East Perth/Western Australia, 185cm/74kg)
49 Gold Coast (trade Brisbane) - Josh Browne (MID, East Fremantle/Western Australia, 185cm/77kg)
50 Fremantle - Taj Woewodin (MID, East Fremantle/Western Australia, 182cm/77kg)
51 St Kilda - Lachlan Rankin (UTL, Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro, 182cm/70kg)
52 Port Adelaide - Ned Long (MID, Northern Knights/Vic Metro, 192cm/88kg)
53 Melbourne (trade Carlton) - Charlie Molan (UTL, Greater Western Victoria/Vic Country, 186cm/83kg)
54 GWS (trade Hawthorn) - Corey Warner (MID, East Fremantle/Western Australia, 182cm/74kg)
55 St Kilda - Hugh Stagg (MID/FWD, Glenelg/South Australia, 180cm/79kg)
56 St Kilda - Blake Schlensog (KPP/RUC, South Fremantle, 199cm/99kg)
57 West Coast - Jack Avery (DEF/MID, Perth/Western Australia, 190cm/83kg)
58 Fremantle - Kai Lohmann (FWD, Greater Western Victoria/Vic Country, 185cm/76kg)
59 Sydney - Ronald Fejo Jnr (MID/FWD, West Adelaide/Northern Territory-Allies, 178cm/70kg)
60 North Melbourne - Youseph Dib (UTL, Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro, 174cm/76kg)
61 Port Adelaide - Lewis Rayson (DEF/MID, Glenelg/South Australia, 181cm/75kg)
62 Western Bulldogs - Richard Farmer (MID/FWD, Subiaco/Western Australia, 173cm/71kg)
63 Port Adelaide - Charlie Dean (KPD, Williamstown, 195cm/86kg)
64 Adelaide - Hugh Jackson (MID, North Adelaide/South Australia, 181cm/70kg)
65 Gold Coast (trade Brisbane) - Shay Linke (FWD/MID, Central District/South Australia, 190cm/79kg)


North Melbourne - PASS
67 Collingwood - Jake Soligo (MID/FWD, Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro, 179cm/80kg)
68 Collingwood - Eric Benning (KPF, Carlton/Western Australia, 196cm/85kg)
69 Collingwood - Jase Burgoyne (MID/FWD, Woodville-West Torrens/South Australia, 185cm/65kg)
70 Adelaide - Jordan Lukac (KPF/RUC, Woodville-West Torrens/South Australia, 196cm/89kg)
71 Hawthorn - Matt Hammelmann (KPF, Aspley, 197cm/88kg)
72 Carlton - Blayne O'Loughlin (DEF, North Adelaide/South Australia, 171cm/74kg)
73 Richmond - Alastair Lord (DEF/MID, Norwood/South Australia, 180cm/76kg)
74 Fremantle - Josh Cripps (RUC/KPF, East Fremantle/Western Australia, 199cm/94kg)
75 St Kilda - Patrick Voss (UTL, GWS Academy/Oakleigh Chargers, 192cm/84kg)
76 Essendon (trade Hawthorn) - Miller Bergman (UTL, Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country, 188cm/65kg)
77 Essendon - Luke Nankervis (FWD, Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro, 189cm/76kg)
78 Sydney - Noah Pegoraro (KPD, West Perth, 194cm/88kg)
80 Brisbane - Jamieson Ballantyne (MID, Greater Western Victoria Rebels/Vic Country, 183cm/79kg)
81 Geelong - Oscar Adams (KPD/RUC, Glenelg/South Australia, 198cm/85kg)
82 Port Adelaide - Luke Strnadica (RUC, East Fremantle, 203cm/103kg)
83 Western Bulldogs - PASS
84 Melbourne - Anthony Caminiti (KPF, Northern Knights/Vic Metro, 196cm/83kg)
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Plucked from the Amos
Sep 12, 2013
10 min from Optus
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Arsenal Lakers Claremont
Did no one take Brett Razzo?

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Miguel Sanchez

A punter
Aug 10, 2006
Shandong Gold Stadium
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Black Ducks
My picks for Richmond
9 Hobbs (went 13 to Essendon)
10 Gibcus (went 9 to Richmond)
30 Brown (went 17 to Richmond)
31 Williams (went 57 to the good guys)
73 Lord (went 46 to Essendon)

Richmond’s picks
9 Gibcus
17 Brown
28 Sonsie
29 Banks
30 Clarke

Pretty close, my trade of 17+28 for 10 would have netted them Hobbs in addition to Gibcus, but would have cost them Brown and possibly Sonsie. I thought they needed a tall forward as well, they obviously didn’t think so.


All Australian
Sep 22, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
NYG, Chicago Bulls
What do I win?

My picks

Pick 14 - Arlo Draper (pick #45)
Pick 52 - Ned Long (undrafted)
Pick 61 - Lewis Rayson (undrafted)
Pick 63 - Charlie Dean (undrafted)
Pick 82 - Luke Strnadica (undrafted)

Whatever you win we go halves in. To be fair I had lol Gold Coast so it didn't even matter who I picked as they will end up at lol norf as a delisted free agent.

Pick 12 - Tyler Sonsie (pick #28)
Pick 49 - Josh Browne (undrafted)
Pick 60 - Shay Linke (undrafted)

Wedgetailed Westerner

Club Legend
Oct 17, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
Sorry I promise to be quiet now! haha

Lentini was Wedgetailed Westerner boy! So I simply couldn't take his find.

Lentini, I simply haven't seen him play yet. I've seen highlights which look bloody good, but without seeming him play a full game it's too hard to tell their influence on a game, two way running, other disposals that weren't so great. The Erasmus highlights I watched the other day, he looks like the best player ever but watching a full game of his and it's not all like that!
Now come on Eastcoasteagle I would have let ya pick my boy but I still would have taken all the glory :tearsofjoy:

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