Eagles' footy cards

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Mighty Eagles

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Mar 31, 2007
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West Coast
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East Perth
Hey guys

COVID-19 restrictions has led me to reconnect with my footy cards collection.

Given this is a large forum, thought I'd start a thread where people can post the West Coast footy cards they are chasing or selling.

Go for it


Aug 11, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Never thought about buying or selling footy cards, but I was properly obsessed with them throughout school. Probably have loads of Eagles ones from the early 2000s if people are short on anything in particular.

Ambrose Burnside

Premiership Player
Dec 8, 2006
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West Coast
I have a full set of AFLPA cards from 1994 (based on 1993 season) that I collected as a kid. No idea if they're worth anything, but I don't care. I'll hold onto them forever.

Eagles included in the set are Lewis, Langdon (complete with 1993 stats of 1 game, 1 mark, 1 kick...), Jakovich, Mainwaring, Pe. Matera (signature card), Sumich and Worsfold.

Other Eagles included, but playing for other clubs at the time, are Tim Watson (lol), Mark Zanotti, Dean Laidley and Ilija Grgic.

Langdon actually gets two cards in the set despite his less than stellar 1993 season!

Other interesting cards (in addition to the Eagles who went on to coach) are Mark Harvey, Mark Thompson, Ross Lyon, Paul Roos, Leon Cameron, Ken Hinkley, Ben Allen, John Longmire, Matthew Knights and Danny Frawley in their playing days.\

Lockett, Dunstall, Ablett, Kernahan, Modra, Sumich. Golden age of the full-forwards.

Also no Freo, Port, Gold Coast or GWS.
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