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Aug 15, 2006
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Would you rather meet the Eagles or the Cats in the preliminary final, and why?

It’s a question I’ve been running through my mind for a week and I’ve still struggled to find an answer, our win against the Eagles wasn’t overly convincing and suggests a close contest and our mid season loss to the Cats was a completely one sided defeat.

Recent form and the eye test suggests we should defeat either team but is there an obvious weakness in either teams current game plan or team that leaves them susceptible to a Tiger demolition?

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Nov 20, 2008
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Cats...Cos like RB posted it's the WCE's height that could trouble us if they get a run on...
Having posted that I still reckon the Cats are a tough side to beat, just got pipped by the Pies...
Goes to show from hereonin...if you can produce your bestest on the day...your a chance!

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Oct 10, 2007
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Cats, the rain saved us against the eagles it won't rain for the prelim
I've read many times people saying that the rain saved us... I disagree... We were storming back in the second qtr in fine conditions and for an unforgivable miss by Castagna trying to kick around the corner from in front we would've only been behind by 4 points at the half after a shocking start.
The rain came during the half time break and we controlled the game after that... the Eagles came back hard at the end and we only hung on by a goal.

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