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May 4, 2009
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Scunny, Furth
So it looks like the push for a Tassie team is just BS and should be treated as such by the AFL!

If they want a team then let North as the Tassie Kangaroos play ten home games there split between Hobart and Launcestion.
people don't vote for a $25 mil AFL team. There were far bigger issues in play during an election. Now, the Libs did target the "Hobart" AFL team pledge and the Mona hotel investment in Hobart but one does not know how effective that campaign was up North compared to the other big issues

Bass and Bradden(etc, the North) followed the rural swing to the Libs elsewhere on the mainland. They are not inner city left voters what Bill targeted, and as such, didn't really like his message. The double blow for Labor up North was the franking credits policy. There is a lot of elder voters in Tas and as such, people voted according. Take in the local views that Bass likes to change its MP every 3 years and the Bass MP low profile, and the fact the last Lib member of Bradden/Bass were unpopular and you have large swings towards the Libs. And they knew that and they(the Libs) targeted those 2 seats according. It is not often you get a leader of a party coming down to Ulverstone(home town of the Labor Bradden MP) on election day.

yuck, I just talked about politics.

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