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  1. Equus

    Equus Premium Platinum

    [​IMG] V [​IMG]
    When and Where
    Sunday 8 September 2014, 3:40pm (AEST) bounce down at the MCG​
    7 3:00pm (AEST) Live / Foxtel 3:00pm (AEST) Live​
    Triple M​
    AFL Grandstand​
    Richmond - $1.55 / Carlton $2.55​
    Head To Head
    Played: 211 Richmond: 85 Carlton: 124​
    Clashes This Season
    Round 1 Richmond 14-22-106 def Carlton 17-17-101​
    Round 21 Carlton 16-10-106 def Richmond 14-12-96​
    by David3030
    2013 began as a season hope and optimism for all Richmond supporters. Dimma at the family day stating "we are not waiting for a team to drop out of the eight, we are going to kick them out" or words to that effect, had a lot of us being very optimistic about this season but not wanting to get too carried away in case it turned out like 28 others have since 1982.​
    As the season progressed we always remained level or ahead of the win / loss ratio, something that had not happened since 2001. optimism kept growing as each scalp was claimed.​
    We had some inspiring wins (Hawthorn in Round 19 and West Coast in Perth in Round 10) to name a couple. Some solo inspirational performances and acts (Ellis with 40 possessions and only in his second year! Who will forget Luke McGuane's match winning tackle against Carlton in the final seconds of Round 1?​
    The best part of 2013 in my opinion has been so many players have shown improvement. Brandon Ellis improved out of sight compared to 2012, Steve Morris became the best lock down defender in the AFL. An absolute crime he did not make the AA top 40 this year. Our defence allowed 300 fewer points than last year due to a very settled back 6​
    Our biggest improvement though came from the most maligned player in Big Footy history (at least on the Richmond board) by the name of Dan Jackson. His improvement level was so vast he is a short priced favourite to win the JDM.​
    So excellent recruitment of free agents Troy Chaplin and Chris Knights brought some solidity to our defence and extra midfield depth and goal kicking power. Our drafting of Flossy and the Macs (Bean, Donough and Intosh) all look likely to pay dividends from as early as 2014 too.​
    Our on-field 2013 success has also been mirrored by our off-field successes to. The recruitment of Mark 'Choco' Williams has been nothing short of a master stroke by the club. With recent events looking like he will still be with us in 2014 :). The resigning to long term deals of co-major sponsors Bingle and Jeep, both on $1 million or more per season shows we are no longer struggling to make ends meet.​
    As Round 23 has now finished, our OLD season is completed and we commence a season where we belong. With only 4 players (if the media are correct that is) on our list with finals experience, we are definitely playing catch-up but our development is continuing to rise as we won 4 and a half more games than 2012. With luck and continual progression our improvement is not likely to plateau or fall back in the short term.​
    BY _RT_
    Riewoldt v Jamison
    Don't expect Mick to make the same mistake and play Bootsma on Jack this time around. Without doubt Jack is going to get Jamison. In the 8 games that Jamison and Riewoldt have played against each other Jack has only averaged 1.4 goals a game. In the last 3 games Jamison has managed to hold Jack goalless when he has been manned up on him. Round 21 this year Jack got 2 on Bootsma early before Jamison moved onto him and put and end to Jacks goal kicking. This week it's important that Jack stays involved even if he doesn't kick goals.​
    [​IMG]V [​IMG]&[​IMG]
    Maric v Warnock/Kreuzer
    If as expected Stephenson goes out it's going to be a big ask for Maric to go up against both Warnock and Kreuzer. Maric will get some help from Vickery but for the most part will be asked to carry the load against these 2 and if he can at least breakeven against them we'll be in good shape. Last week against Port Warnock and Kreuzer worked over Lobbe & Renouf and eventually got on top and gave the likes of Murphy & Gibbs a chance to win clearances and get the Blues going.​
    Cotchin v Curnow
    In round 21 Curnow ran with Cotchin and held him to his lowest disposal total for the year. I get the feeling that Curnow will be sent to Cotchin again, however this time Cotchin will be ready for him and should run him off his legs. This is where he needs the help of his fellow midfielders to create space for him and to ensure that Curnow can't get away with scragging Cotchin at every opportunity.​
    [​IMG]V [​IMG]
    Martin v anyone
    Looking at Martins record he has never really dominated against the Blues, with his last game being his worst against them. With that in mind I hope this week is the week Dusty finally rips into Carlton like we know he can do to sides when he is on. Hopefully Dusty gets on his bike and covers the ground rather than just sitting up forward and waiting for things to happen. A Dusty special this week will go a long way towards us winning.​
    Deledio v Gibbs
    In round 21 Deledio was arguably our best midfielder, while Gibbs was lauded has having a massive impact in the Blues coming back. Expect them to renew their rivalry again on Sunday and if they do then I expect Deledio to have a big game. In fact I get the feeling that Deledio has been waiting for the big stage of finals to explode and against Gibbs he has the perfect opportunity to do just that.​
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  2. nobulltiger

    nobulltiger Club Legend

    Jan 22, 2012
    Chaplin Rance Grimes v Henderson Casboult Waite
    This is where the game could be won and lost. If our 3 key backs can win the battle against the Blues forwards then we win simple as that. Last time out it was the marking of Henderson and Casboult that got them back into the game as it gave them confidence to attack the F50 knowing that it would either be marked or brought to ground. It was probably the only time that our backline had been outplayed all year when we've had 3 talls down there.​
    Morris v Garlett/Betts
    The last key battle for mine. Morris should be in AA calculations if they are serious about selecting a defensive small defender. Has rarely, if at all, been beaten this year and will no doubt get one of Betts or Garlett on Sunday. If the talls are taken care of then I expect the Blues will be looking for Betts/Garlett to try and spark them and this is where Morris will come into his own. He won't be concerned if the Blues try to isolate him deep and will no doubt make Betts/Garlett earn anything they do get.​
    BY Grockadoc
    Where Richmond can win the game:
    First and foremost, Richmonc can get a hold of Carlton in the clearances. In particularly, scores from stoppages, which the Tigers are ranked first outright in the AFL. Their midfielders have hit the scoreboard hard this year. Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson, Reece Conca, Trent Cotchin, Brett Deledio, Brandon Ellis and Matthew White have a combined total of 90 goals kicked between them for the season. These six players have kicked 28.93% of Richmond's total goals (311) this season, showing how potent the Richmond midfielders are around goals and goalside of contests.​
    The Tigers are also ranked 2nd in the AFL for denying the opposition the football, with the tigers averaging 26.3 disposals per game more than the opposition. With the Tigers content to take the easy option, and chip around, it restricts the damage the Blues can do to the Tigers, especially form players such as Kade Simpson, Bryce Gibbs and Marc Murphy, who's footskills can carve the opposition up if given time and space. By denying the Blues the football, it means that the Tigers can control the tempo of the game, and restrict Carlton from driving into their forward fifty to their key forwards, who are capable of taking contested marks, in Casboult and Henderson.​
    The Tigers can also get a hold of Carlton by exploiting the Blues own gameplan, or rather, Mick malthouse's gameplan. The Blues have a penchant for taking the ball down the boundary line, in typical Malthouse fashion. With Alex Rance and Troy Chaplin both in the top 10 for intercept marks in the AFL, and one of Ivan Maric and Tyrone Vickery floating back on ocassion, if Carlton do go down the boundary, and these players take an intercept mark, it leaves Carlton exposed through the corridor and on the other side of the ground. Given the Tigers prefer to slingshot out wide and get the switch kick into space from the spread, any intercept mark taken from kicking near the boundary line will leave Carlton extremely exposed, and susceptible to a rebounding shot at goal, due to the Tigers work rate.​
    Carlton's backline can also be exposed by quick ball movement and rebounding. This was evident in our clash a few weeks ago, in the first quarter where we spread from the contest, and ran and carried the ball, and managed to convert that to scoreboard damage, as the Blues defence crumbled under the pressure. With players such as Trent Cotchin, Brett Deledio, Dustin Martin, Brandon Ellis, Reece Conca and Bachar Houli all capable of breaking the lines, if these players can get a run on, and carry the ball, the Tigers will be able to impact heavily on the scoreboard.​
    Where Carlton can win the game:
    For the Blues, the most glaring deficiency they can get ahold of the Tigers in is their small forwards. Steven Morris is the only player on the Tigers list who has shown he can shut down the opposition's most dangerous forwards, it leaves a quandry for the Tigers as to who exactly will man up the others. Morris will most likely take Betts or Garlett, and Dylan Grimes is most suited to take the other. That still leaves Chris Yarran and the dangerous Troy Menzel. Menzel in particular is the type of player that Richmond seems to struggle to contain. He is that awkward in between height. Classed as a medium forward, he is a combination of small forward and key forward, in that he is great at ground level, quick, skillful and great at reading the contest and can crumb accordingly, but he is also a terrific mark, both contested and on the lead. Ricky Petterd or Chris Newman is most likely to take Menzel, and if he starts getting a hold of the game, Dylan Grimes will most likely be switched.​
    The Tigers have also been susceptible, particularly in recent weeks, to quick rebounding. The Tigers have a fixation for bombing the ball long into their forwards, and then pushing up to lock the ball in, however, if the Blues can take an intercept mark and move the ball on quickly, the Tigers can and have been exposed, and it can result in the Blues getting an easy shot at goal, and put the Tigers defenders under the pump.​
    One of the Tigers biggest strengths is their run and carry. Brandon Ellis dominated the Blues in the first quarter of their last encounter, but the Blues tagged him after the break, and the Tigers run and carry dried up. If the Blues want to fully contain the Tigers damaging midfield, they will need to man up, and maintain body contact on players such as Ellis, Martin, Cotchin and Deledio. If the Tigers cannot take the game on, it restricts the damage they can do, and will go a long way to stopping them kicking a winning score.​
    Final Line Up:

    B: Morris Rance Grimes
    HB: Houli Chaplin Newman
    C: Grigg Cotchin Jackson
    HF: Vlastuin A.Edwards Ellis
    F: Martin Riewoldt Vickery
    R: Maric Deledio Conca
    INT: S.Edwards King Tuck Petterd
    EMG: Foley Stephenson Dea

    Confirmed Foley out. No mention of injury​
  3. bananatigz

    bananatigz Premiership Player

    Other teams:
    Apr 26, 2012
    We finally did it, can't wait to go along to a final with my team involved, should be an awesome atmosphere. Don't think I will even be that upset if we don't win, finals is a completely different ball game, one we have no idea about, so I think it would be wrong to suggest we will go out there and easily account for Carlton as our respective seasons would suggest. Hope we can hold up and play good finals footy and come away with the win, but isn't the end of the year if we don't win..this year

    That said fact we are playing the bluez has definitely made me x10 desperate to win, would be a fantastic season if we could beat the blues in a final
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  4. Tigers_fan24

    Tigers_fan24 Club Legend

    May 6, 2013
    Sitting in MCC reserved in the pocket at M38, BRING IT AWWWWWWWWWWN
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  5. carn tigez

    carn tigez Premiership Player

    May 24, 2006
    Carlton are value at $2.60. I'll be putting some insurance on at that price, that's for sure. Would love a win. King back in should make a world of difference.
  6. Hank Heavenly

    Hank Heavenly Club Legend

    Other teams:
    East Fremantle
    Apr 10, 2013
    I dont know that Im rapt we are opn the sunday instead on the Sat night! Also changed my family plans for Sunday!

    That being said, lets tear these flogs a new arsehole!
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  7. ESKIE

    ESKIE Keeping it Cool.

    Feb 28, 2009
    Just like the good old days eh?

    Should be epic !
  8. jko'neal

    jko'neal Norm Smith Medallist

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    LA Lakers, Arsenal
    Oct 16, 2003
    I reckon the other 6 teams, and this is with all due respect are very happy we have drawn each other media scope wise.
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  9. DrMike

    DrMike Premium Platinum

    May 13, 2012
    What do you mean we play this week?
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  10. want2spoodge_pettifer

    want2spoodge_pettifer Club Legend

    May 14, 2007
    Herald Sun calling Carlton by 5 points. No need to turn up
  11. DrMike

    DrMike Premium Platinum

    May 13, 2012
    They meant Carlton only get 5 points

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  12. SA TIGER

    SA TIGER Club Legend

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    Irymple FC.
    May 3, 2010
    Martins Place
    We have clearly been the better side this season, winning 4 more games and a percentage difference of 16!!!
    We have absolutely no excuses on Sunday, even if their current crop of players are older and have played more finals than us. Still no reason why we cannot end their campaign.
    I was at the game on Saturday at AAMI, and it reminded me so much of our previous encounters against them where we got the jump and early lead, only for them to fight back, hit the front then cling on to victory. Mind you, Port had sweet FA to play for & numerous regulars out of the side!!!
    Selections will be interesting this week because apart from Big O or perhaps a Pettard, who else will make way for Jack, Titch and possibly Newman (our potential super sub this week). As for Matty White, I've read several comments on the BF threads that he should be fine.
    I am really hoping we learnt a valuable lesson three weeks ago when we played with no endevour then were eventually rolled by 10 points. From what I recall, Kingy and Grimes were absent that occassion and basically they were the types of players we lacked against them. Kingy to add enourmous pressure in our forward line and Grimesy to assist Chaplin and Rance as a third tall, eliminating Casboult, Waite or Henderson from taking hangers in the goal square.
    I would absotutely love to be there, but the AFL's decision to hold it on a Sunday at 3.20pm is not good for some interstate members such as yours truly.
    To all you Tigerheads that are going, enjoy the moment and make some noise to spur the boys to VICTORY against the arch rival whom (ironically) we face again in R1, 2014!

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  13. rado

    rado All Australian

    Feb 18, 2007
    LETS ******* SMASH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. spark12

    spark12 All Australian

    Oct 7, 2010
    Unfortunatley i rekon if anything will get us it is the nerves and no finals experience. Most of the Blues list has played 2-3 finals. Hope im proven wrong but rekon they may get over us.
  15. CoggaRules

    CoggaRules Brownlow Medallist

    Other teams:
    Apr 7, 2004
    Confident that tiges are physically and mentally in top nick for an assault on the finals, that is finals, not just a final.
  16. Truetiger

    Truetiger Norm Smith Medallist

    Jun 27, 2004
    Spot on. I will join you putting money on Carlton. So that way i will walk away with something. Hope we win really do but i have strong doubts. Hate Carlton so much it will make this year so good to end there season. Get it done tigers.
  17. Kick it 2 Royce

    Kick it 2 Royce Debutant

    Other teams:
    Oct 8, 2011
    East of Melbourne
    got that feeling we will get the job done . prediction 26 points Dusty BOG 5 goals if any of our players was born to play finals this lad is . They are starting to talk it up we need to put them in there place . IT'S TIGERTIME !!!!! EAT EM ALIVE !!!!!!
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  18. Greggy

    Greggy Premiership Player

    Aug 15, 2006
    Super excited to be amongst it!!!

    Dimma's the key, he needs to bring some A-grade match-ups and tactics. I hope Casboult plays, the guy crumbles under pressure, and there'll be a shit load of it. Is Bootsma* going to play?

    *See Casboult
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  19. 9ine

    9ine Debutant

    Jun 4, 2013

    Hopefully on Jack again!
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  20. Bazzar

    Bazzar Hall of Famer

    May 8, 2007
    Same here. Gone this way three times this year, North, Dreamtime and Blues a few week back. Got 585 for an outlay of 150 on the blues and from memory 470 north and 530 dreamtime. Only lost twice, 100 on the bombers last game and 40 on the Lions. Might go 250 this week.

    Wont be doing it next year as i doubt we will get the juicy odds on what i consider danger games.

    CHIMP MAGNET Premiership Player

    Other teams:
    May 23, 2011
    man, woman, chimp
    personally i'm glad we aren't playing a pissant side like norf or port

    this is what it is all about, traditional rivals, everything to play for, 90 thousand ferals, afternoon football in september, ******* epic

    let's face it, neither side is likely to go any further than week 2, so this is our Grand Final :thumbsu::thumbsu::footy:
  22. Greggy

    Greggy Premiership Player

    Aug 15, 2006
    Yeah that was a master-stroke by Mick.
  23. Greggy

    Greggy Premiership Player

    Aug 15, 2006
    The sky's no limit, reach for the :rainbow:'s man.
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  24. RunningBounce

    RunningBounce Premium Platinum

    Jun 12, 2013
    I'm so stoked I can barely type! I’m not even able to get a coherent thought together about what I want to see.

    I’ve been disappointed by Deledio’s performance in big games, or at crucial moments during winnable games (remember how many games we lost by less than 2 goals last season when Lids had a running shot at goal in the last few minutes?), so I’d love to see him light up the ‘G. I gave him the points against Gibbs in Round 21.

    Jack is usually pretty well held by Jamison, so likewise, it would be fantastic to see him kick a few.

    I hope Garlett and Yarran get Steve Morris’s shoulder ploughed repeatedly into their ribs. That’s what makes them go missing. (Try as I might, I can’t dislike Betts or wish him pain. A very lovely woman I know works at the café that he and some of the other Carlton players go to. Apparently, both Eddie and his missus are good value. The others, less so...)

    And Brock Maclean has played his only two ripping games in his career tally of 140. Odds of him playing a great game this week? I’d say 2 out of 140. But just to make sure, I want to see someone within a metre of him all game. Just because he plays football like a potato is no reason to let him stand alone inside our 50.

    Win, lose or draw, just getting to stand down the Punt Road end, with a skinful and singing along when I know the words during September is a ******* joy.

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  25. jaguaress

    jaguaress Premium Platinum

    Other teams:
    Fenerbahce, Falcons
    Mar 15, 2011
    Hogwarts Hospital
    Really looking forward to seeing you guys giving carlton a good thrashing. All the best for finals & hope u go all the way :)
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