Game Day Elimination Final: Sydney Swans vs GWS @3:20PM UT Stadium

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Jun 2, 2014
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There are no gifts this year, no easy path. Swans have earnt this spot by hard work, great football and sheer determination in a year where it felt like the challenges never stopped and so what is one more on this journey.

The first Elimination Final, no second chances for a team who have dragged themselves up the ladder from 16th to 6th with some of the most exciting football we've seen all year and delighted all who watched them play.

Our 3rd final against GWS and we're due for a change in fortune. Let's not sugar coat this, we've lost two finals by an average of over 40 points :oops: Ouch! But we're not that team anymore, and neither are they. So wipe the slate clean and start afresh. We're 1:1 this season with some great run downs which says both teams are going to play this through to the bitter end, right down to that final siren.

Never have we needed our team to play team football more than now. Never have we needed four quarters of 110% effort and pressure more than today. Because we know that if they give that, we're in this to up to our eyeballs.

“The Giants’ advantage is their score from stoppage differential. They’re +96 points for the season, and Sydney are -41 points,”
“The Swans’ advantage is that they’re the best (scoring from) turnover team in the competition, where the Giants are 14th.

We're like the Ying/Yang of footy, two very different ways of attacking the ball and winning games. GWS are going to clog the corridor, stop us going up through the middle of the ground. Swans are going to have to battle them around the stoppages and run, run run the Giants into the ground by making them chase and keeping the ball out of their very dangerous hands.

There are stars and matchups all over the ground. Toby Greene looms large in Swan fans psyche, he's mauled us more than a few times.

But Lance is in great form, The Chad has returned to best 22 and is probably champing at the bit to get into it, meanwhile Dawson and McInerney are playing like champions.

Isaac Heeney. James Rowbottom. Your time is nigh. Opportunity looms large for these two to step up another level today, we need them to. We don't need Buddy to kick a bag if everyone plays their role and the team does its job properly resulting in multiple opportunities in the forward 50 and our smalls can get busy with it.

Bit of pressure on Rampe today, his form hasn't been great but if every we needed our co captain to step up then its today.

GWS have made their intentions clear. They've picked a big bodied side and are going to try to intimidate and smash our younger crew.

We fear nothing if we attack the ball and the man who holds it, with our pressure we can create our own game on our own terms.

GO BLOODS :largeredcircle::mwcirlce::largeredcircle::mwcirlce:

INS: Chad Warner, James Bell
OUTS: Braeden Campbell (Omitted),Callum Mills (Injured),Robbie Fox (Medi-Sub)

Match Report:


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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 12, 2015
AFL Club
GWS bring their best against us and we are missing Kennedy and mills and Blakey.
Not going to be an easy game but the boys are confident enough to do it, and they have the skills and run to do it.
I'm just hoping they do it

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Grand Uncle Horace

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May 24, 2017
Old South Grandstand
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So many amazing performances this year.

So many times we’ve delivered above expectations.

This would be one of the greats.

Let’s get it done !

I have been awake since the wee hours. I started feeling optimistic and then the glooms and what ifs kicked in about 3.00. I have picked up since then and Disco has perfectly summarised my sentiments.

We have got this folk. The wild ride will continue and we will smite the Giants with intent, skill, speed and composure!!

Goooo Bloooods!


Good Poster, sh*t Bloke
Sep 10, 2006
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Giants have the better lineup on paper and always worry me but our best football this year has been better than anyones. If we bring our best today we don't lose.

Swans by 26

Buddy to kick 4
Papley to kick 3

Hickey BOG


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Jan 29, 2008
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As usual, Ticky's preview wins the internet!!

Unfortunately, I have had a schithouse week this week and now have a bad feeling in my gut. Sorry, but it is what it is.

And just when we have had a fairly clean bill of health all year, we suddenly lose Blakey, Mills & Kennedy in the fortnight before finals. Conversely, GWS now appear to be at full strength for the first time this season. Phark!

At a minimum, I hope we avoid a 2017 Geelong type debacle - but I would really love to knock these imposters off.

One thing is for certain - no matter the result, I will applaud the boys at full time as they have exceeded expectations - and then some!

Come on Swans - please make me the superstitious and clueless idiot I know I can be!!
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