End of Year Report Card Grades (updated as teams are eliminated)


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Jul 8, 2019
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Rate every clubs season from A-F. Feel free to provide insight, though I'd recommend sticking to your own side unless you want to be flamed.

Adelaide - F- . Afforded every opportunity via injury luck, soft draw and what was thought to be a decent list. Never fired a shot. Dismal.

Brisbane - Still in it

Carlton - C

Collingwood - Still in it.

Essendon - Still in it.

Fremantle - C.

Geelong - Still in it.

Gold Coast - F

GWS - Still in it.

Hawthorn - C+.

Melbourne - F

North Melbourne - D

Port Adelaide - F+

Richmond - Still in it

St Kilda - D

Sydney - D

West Coast - Still in it

Western Bulldogs - Still in it

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Mar 27, 2018
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Other Teams
Cleveland Browns, Tony Ferguson
Adelaide - F
Carlton - C
Fremantle - C-
Gold Coast - E
Hawthorn - B
Melbourne- F-
North - C-
Port - E
Saints - D+
Sydney - C+


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Dec 23, 2014
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Other Teams
LCFC, LAL, Stars, 49ers, Canadiens
Adelaide - E
Carlton - C
Fremantle - C-
Gold Coast - E
Hawthorn - C+
Melbourne - F-
North - C
Port - D-
Saints - C
Sydney - C-


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Jun 4, 2011
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Adelaide - E ... Adelaide could be a good student if only he applied himself. Hard to imagine that Adelaide supporters would feel that their expectations have been met.

Carlton - B- ... after a miserable start to the season, Carlton sacked their coach, started winning games of footy, and appointed a coach who is popular with the fans. I doubt that there would be any cohort of fans in the AFL who would be more excited about 2020 than Carlton fans ... and for a club that was never expected to make finals this year (and hasn’t) then that’s probably the next highest praise. After all, that’s what footy clubs are all about isn’t it - excitement about the future? But Carlton will need to start delivering - not going to be so charitable in the marking next year.

Fremantle - C ... Freo are in a bit of limbo now. It probably seems more of a limbo than if they hadn’t just sacked their senior coach and CEO - they moved up a grade for admitting that they have a problem and doing something about it.

Gold Coast - D+ ... started the season defying everybody’s expectations and for most of the season looked like they weren’t going to win the wooden spoon, but then they settled down into being the whipping boy. They’re in development, and develop they have, so they get a pass mark (just)

Hawthorn - B ... did amazingly well and as always defied everybody’s expectations except for those of their fans who have simply become used to success.

Melbourne- F ... Self explanatory

North - B- ... see Carlton.

Port - D ... see Adelaide

Saints - B+ ... got the season off to a cracking start despite injuries. Sacked the coach when they started going down the tubes, and (unlike others) resisted the temptation of signing up a caretaker coach going through a dead cat bounce.

Sydney - C ... their fans will be trying to fathom what “no finals” means and when they finally figure it out they won’t be happy.
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Feb 20, 2018
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Adelaide - F-
Carlton - C
Fremantle - C+
Gold Coast - D-
Hawthorn - B+
Melbourne - (is there anything lower than a fail? N/A perhaps?)
North - C-
Port - D
St Kilda - C
Sydney - C+


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Jul 13, 2015
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We were meant to finish 14th or 15th, so Id say definite B+ for Hawthorn.

Carlton were meant to rise towards finals, so Id say C-.

Melbourne obvious F.

Both SA clubs get a D.


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Oct 5, 2009
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Other Teams
West Adelaide Bloods, Man City.
f, easily. easy draw, no injuries, a good list at the start of the year, expectations high, failed dismally.


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Jul 27, 2015
South West
AFL Club
West Coast
Adelaide F
Carlton C
Fremantle C-
Gold Coast F
Hawthorn C+ Competitive nearly every week, can't complain about your club giving consistent effort even if the talent isn't what it once was
Melbourne F-
North Melbourne C-
Port Adelaide C
Sydney C-
St Kilda C-

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Jack Graham That Is
Sep 13, 2015
Hillary Step
AFL Club
Other Teams
Adelaide D
Carlton C+
Fremantle B- (still don’t know why they sacked Ross - will play finals next year)
Gold Coast C- (they were poor but did anyone expect anything different?)
Hawthorn B-
Melbourne Z
North Melbourne C (tempted to go higher didn’t perform great but sacking Scott was a brilliant move, if 5 years too late)
Port Adelaide D
Sydney D
St Kilda C+

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