Endless Summer of Cricket

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Mar 3, 2021
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Who cares.
But yeah. Australian cricket has been pretty hapless since Covid.
It's because the Australian Cricket team have forgotten how to do it tough

Many of them are over-paid, they rather love the lime-light however can't handle and constructive criticism and for a batsman unless conditions are perfect for batting they have little toughness to dig-in and carve out an innings, Smith and Macus excluded

Australian teams use to tour for 3 mths without family, now they object to going into 14 days quarantine, or even travelling interstate for a local test without their partners, or wives

We have created a soft generation of cricketers

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 14, 2017
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West Adelaide/ Team BARTY!
I didn't want to start a new thread. This article:
poses the question "Should Steve Smith be eligible for Australia's Captaincy?".

To my knowledge, having done "the time" for his "crime", Smith is 'eligible'.
It's more a matter of whether the Selectors would dump Paine for Smith with the Ashes on the horizon. I doubt Paine will put his hand up to stand down (on Match Payments-lost alone, and he loves the Captaincy).
However, Paine has proven to be tactically dubious. He tends to play it safe rather than show any attacking flair, which explains the Australians' inability to bowl sides out twice (eg vs. England --- he'd have won the Stokes'-dominated Test if he used the DRS wisely, and India twice, here) despite having one of the best bowling attacks in the world.
His confusion over DRS has spiralled into slapstick.
--- is Paine the best Captain for the next Ashes series? (I don't think so, fwiw)
--- if not, should Smith be reappointed? (I don't think so, fwiw)
--- if not, then whom? (There's a real shortage of candidates isn't there? No standouts)

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