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Oct 9, 2004
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It's not the car that turns right into the grass at the start in Australia and breaks the wing. It's not the car that tries to hold off Hulkenberg when he's a sitting duck, and clumsily tags Hulk. It's not the car that makes a failed move on Kvyat in Azerbaijan, then backs into him in a panic. It's not the car that makes the desperate move on Norris and fails. It's not the car that's on the right edge of the circuit behind Raikkonen, then decides to turn right off the track.

His situational awareness has been crap. And all it's doing is making him look silly.

The MB would be a better car. But there's more tension and more at stake when you're around the others, particularly your team (Even Bottas).

At RB, the psychology is easy. You're not under threat from the 4th best car for the season. You can go all out, and typically it's the other car that has more at stake in the passing move.
Most of those mistakes are because of passing, something Merc don't have to worry about off the front row.
Sure they're mistakes by him but those same opportunities aren't there for the 2 x mercs.

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Jun 15, 2005
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The biggest one was the startline incident in Melbourne. You don't make a move on the grass 100m into a race.

Outbraking himself in Baku was a small error, compounded by the track. Reversing into Kyvat was silly and avoidable, but seeing out of the car is nigh on impossible.

It's totally laughable to suggest he wouldn't be doing what Bottas is, he's the superior talent. When you're used to being at the front and all of a sudden you're miles away, your mindset doesn't change. The whole "he'd be better finishing 9th and banking points" argument is poor.

When you're fighting midpack you need as many points as you can get, especially when you don't know when you're next ones are going to come. The Renault is an average car so you need to take more risks.


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Aug 21, 2008
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To be fair to Dodgy, he's not without a point. Inconsistency for Dan so far this season puts him level on points with Hulkenberg, a driver I think we can agree is good but has never quite cracked the ceiling to greatness. Dan has proven he can live with the top echelon of the current grid, but I wonder if he's over driving to compensate for the deficiencies of the Renault? Points swiftly add up, and sometimes taking it easy is more productive. Look at Rosberg in 2016, especially in the last four races.

I think Dan is better than Bottas, and he's certainly more *exciting*, but points win prizes, not excitement, and one thing about Bottas is that he's consistent. Were Dan in the Merc right now and making the same sort of errors as he has, he'd be further behind Lewis. Would he driving differently in those circumstances? Possibly, but then again, Dan has always pushed hard and been fond of daring moves.

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Bottas isn't consistent.
One race he's thumping Hamilton (Melbourne), others he is nowhere near him (too many to list).

Almost any other driver on the grid could be a safe pair of hands and drive the second Merc to 2nd every race.

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