England Tour of South Africa 2020 (3 T20's and 3 ODI's)

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May 21, 2019
AFL Club
But it’s vastly different. A Drs review is very time limited and a video feed can dictate whether it’s worth reviewing

This is no different to getting messages by the 12th man or a coach on the boundary
Then it’s the job of the 12th man to deliver those messages... if they allow this then why not just allow the walkie talkie method that Hanse Cronje tried to use back in the day


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Oct 6, 2011
Auckland, New Zealand
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Patriots, Perth Glory, Wildcats
this season in the AFL I saw heaps of signs on the interchange, often times with '1' and '2' to indicate time remaining, in some cases I often saw symbols . Would this be akin to what England cricket team with their signalling?

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All Australian
Aug 19, 2020
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San Antonio, Melbourne Stars
There's the potential for Australia's tour of South Africa to be played in Perth if the Covid situation doesn't get under control.
Hopefully can get shared around Aus but I doubt it. I guess if this was the case all games would be at the WACA.

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