Toast English Class is in. Welcome to the Dogs Tim English Pick 19

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goodcop badcop

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Sep 4, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Inside footy profile

Tim English

204.7cm, 89.5kg

“Tim is a ripper kid who has a great skill set for a big fella who stands 205cm. Below his knees his clean hands are exceptional for a player of his size and he’s extremely good character. Will need to work on his marking and impact as a forward but he has the tools to be a really damaging footballer. Plays a little like Dean Cox in terms of covering the ground and winning the footy. Defensively he’s solid and will develop an attacking side as he goes.” – South Fremantle talent manager Jason Pedulla


WAFL colts
Games: 9
Kicks: 8.8
Kicking efficiency: 67.1%
Marks: 5.8
Handballs: 6.8
Disposals: 15.6
Disposal efficiency: 70.0%
Contested possessions %: 54.0
Tackles: 2.9

WAFL Reserves
Games: 6
Kicks: 8.2
Kicking efficiency: 75.5%
Marks: 4.8
Handballs: 9.2
Disposals: 17.3
Disposal efficiency: 74.0%
Contested possessions %: 50.8
Tackles: 3.2

U18 Nationals
Games: 4
Kicks: 5.8
Kicking efficiency: 87.0%
Marks: 4.0
Handballs: 4.3
Disposals: 10.0
Disposal efficiency: 80.0%
Contested possessions %: 42.9
Tackles: 1.5

WAFL Seniors
Games: 1
Kicks: 8.0
Kicking efficiency: 87.5%
Marks: 6.0
Handballs: 2.0
Disposals: 10.0
Disposal efficiency: 80.0%
Contested possessions %: 30.0
Tackles: 5.0
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Mr September
Aug 30, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I think bevo will use Mr English as a ruck/KPD and not as a ruck/KPF. His foot skills are excellent for a kid whos 203cm has strong one grab hands and has a very good tank. I'm exited to see this kid pull on the red white and blue.

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