Games EPL Knockout Competition 2021/22

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100% pacifist, British
Feb 14, 2020
AFL Club
Other Teams
Gillingham, East Side Phoenix

It's back!

Same rules as before:​

1. Pick a team for the week of fixtures. A week is defined as a week as per the FPL fixture list.
2. If they lose, you're out. If they win or draw, you move to the next week.
3. You must pick a different team every week.
4. Last person standing wins.

Tip before the end of the day before the first game of the week. If you don't tip, you will be given the eligible team which is lowest in the table.

We got 3 rounds of this in last season (is it badge worthy yet?) so even if you go out early you'll get more opportunities as the season progresses.

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