EPL Matchday 35

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 21, 2007
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Manchester United
Imagine finishing 4th and making the CL Final last season and the following season getting knocked out in the 5th round of the FA Cup to 20th placed Norwich City, getting knocked out of the CL at the Round of 16 by RB Leipzig 4-0, and being in 8th spot after Round 33 in the PL and somehow thinking that Spurs haven’t already imploded.
We haven’t... Since Jose arrived.
Beforehand yes, but since no.

All those results were during a period of heavy, crippling injuries.

P.S. We were 14th when he came in

NLD on Monday.

Just end this season, fold the club. Last one out turn the lights off
Geez, it only took you 3 days.


Hall of Famer
Dec 22, 2009
South End, AAMI Park
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Socceroos, LFC, MVFC, RC Strasbourg
Multi on early games. Cheeky tenner on Watford/West Ham/Brentford by 1 goal/Reading.

2 x Optus Sport running plus Championship on Foxtel. Feet up with a beer. Who said Lockdown is bad?

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