EPL Matchday 5

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Jan 18, 2009
I Don't Know
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Chelsea, Sturt, Brisbane Lions
I guess the real question Art Vandelay_ is is it the system or the players when it comes to our dodgy defence under Lampard.

Its diabolical at times
It's an indictment that the match demonstrated how much we missed Mendy and Silva and they've played 3 games between them. Part of it has to lay with Frank, there was no reason why Silva was left out, especially when other South American internationals were starting for other teams.

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Oct 5, 2009
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West Adelaide Bloods, Man City.

If he did that to a male linesman there would be no outrage. Think you have overreacted a bit there mate.
touching officials should be a red. it's a really bad look because it's not like an apology or anything, it's pretty aggressive. really odd.

Art Vandelay_

Oct 28, 2012
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Ummm, ok. I don't see what the problem is, but no matter what we did you'd complain about it.
Why would I complain about you insufficiently improving the squad? Long may it continue.
Weird reply.
Sugardaddy is such a weird insult haha, but hey we do have an owner who likes winning stuff over making a profit. Great for us fans.
Insult?! British Galacticos then.
An expectation that signings are flashy and expensive.
We do like to buy the best, who doesn't? Not sure any this season were exorbitant. Havertz and Chilwell we got under what their clubs originally wanted(but we did pay top dollar), Werner was a bargain at his buyout, Silva was FREE and Mendy who knows yet. Maybe he'll be one of those hidden gems(like our captain and a few youf coming through);)
And the end result is spending a fortune (but not much in net terms given the Hazard/Morata money) and haven't fixed what was IMV by far the weakest area, and am glad Rudiger stayed where he is. Don't need your sh*t.
What was wrong with our scouting? We had a fantastic summer.

Defence was as pressing need as the attack, both needed as much as the other. We lost 3 of our best 4 forwards over the last 12 months and replaced them with class. But we also bought in a CB, LB and GK:think:

We also are filling holes in our squad and first 11 with academy products. Which I love.

Im not sold on Frank being the one to lead us to glory but we are building a great squad.
No. You replaced academy players you jizzed over last season.
If they were good enough they wouldn't need to be replaced in the starting XI.
Delicious tears, forgot it’s only one way in these games. Please accept my apologies for upsetting you.

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Was a weird melt given some of these pics were already put up last night.
Zizou needs a bex and a lie down. Been melting for hours, completely out of bias.

If he did that to a male linesman there would be no outrage. Think you have overreacted a bit there mate.
Maybe there should be outrage though.
Handshakes and gentle touches to apologise for something probably should be the extent to which you are allowed to intentionally touch an official.

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