Club Focus Essendon 2019 - David Myers retires - 20/8

What is the biggest priority at Essendon?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 16, 2013
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Delist Mainlist:

Delist Rookie List:
McNeice (Rookie)
Dea (Rookie)
Lavender (allready retired)
Z. Clarke (Rookie)
Long (Rookie)

Trade: (as in who we could actually move on and would have a taker)
Hooker - Deserves a chance at a premiership. Could send him off to either Bulldogs or perhaps West Coast so he can play for a contender. Don't push the issue. a 2nd will do.

*Bring in Roughhead on a 3 year (1 year playing, 2 years coaching role to work with Caracella and Rutten)
*Take picks #27 (from Bulldogs for Hooker), #30, #32 and #48 to the draft. Pick 2 inside midfielders, a ruckman and a KPF)
*Upgrade Draper with #62
*Hit the rookie draft and grab high potential project players

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 30, 2010
AFL Club
West Coast
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Liverpool, Miami Heat, Old Easts
Hey folks

Over the past 12 months I've become more and more interested in the list analysis side of the game, list balances etc. thanks largely to the John and Sean from Lystics AFL in particular around the contract time when calls are made to re-sign, trade or de-list.

If you are at all interested or intrigued by list management I suggest you give these guys a listen. I listen via Apple Podcast app but I'm sure it could be found on other devices also.

As always I'm very appreciative and open to feedback, whether positive or critical and love to engage in conversation about it. Hope you enjoy

For the Bombers I've got the following players as players to re-sign, if any info is wrong or out dated feel free to pull me up on it.

RE-SIGN: Redman, Guelfi, Mynott, Jok, Snelling, Tipungwuti, Houlahan, Francis.

Mitch Brown and Zac Clarke are rolling contracts, alot depending on who the Bombers target in the trade/ draft period.

With Mynott I hope a re-signing will give him more opportunities in 2020. I rated Mynott as a junior as a really strong contested player. Haven't been able to follow him as closely since he was drafted but I think he fills a definite role in the Bombers midfield.

Aaron Francis if he wants to stay is a definite re-sign. However if their is a desire to return to SA than you would get a strong return.

Jordan Houlahan is an interesting one who I've decided to throw in the re-sign and trade bracker. Obviously out of contract and may attract some interest from back in SA also.

If the right offer comes do the Bombers consider a trade? Would he get a better look at the Bombers in 2020?


Michael Hartley - Can think of a number of clubs that could use some experience in the key stocks down back. I saw Vindicater mention the Bulldogs, perfect fit. Allows them to use Naughton permanent forward. If no trade is offered, surprising if the case, than de-list and allow him to try National Draft.

Jordan Houlahan - Test the waters and ask the question if he wants a move? If no trade is offered you re-sign unless he wants out.

DE-LIST: Lavender, McNeice, Dea, Myers, Baguley, Long #

Think the names here are pretty common. Lavender has already retired.

I don't think experienced guys like Baguley and Myers are the way forward and both players would have recognised that by now.

Dea I can imagine has been a terrific clubman and helped out the Bombers in their time of need with an experienced head around a youthful team but the AFL has passed him by.

McNeice and Long would have had there cards stamped fairly early in the year I think.
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