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Before you start:

Full site rules can be found here:

Rules about content can be found here:

On registration you agreed to not use the forum to submit or link to any Content which is:
  • defamatory,
  • hateful,
  • threatening,
  • abusive,
  • spam or spam-like,
  • likely to offend,
  • contains adult or objectionable content,
  • contains personal information of others,
  • risks copyright infringement,
  • encourages unlawful activity,
  • or otherwise violates any laws.

1: The Big Footy Essendon Board is not the place for you to troll. A first offence will result in infraction points, a second offence will result in a permanent ban.

2: While we all enjoy some light hearted ribbing and some enthusiastic football discussion, please keep it light hearted. If you take it too far a first offence will result in infraction points, a second offence will result in a permanent ban.

3: The Essendon Club Board is mainly for the Essendon supporters, and while supporters from other clubs are welcomed and encouraged, Essendon supporters will be given far more leeway than opposition supporters. No name calling of Essendon supporters OR Essendon players/Club Officials etc will be tolerated. A first offence will result in infraction points, a second offence will result in a permanent ban.

4: The moderators on the Essendon Club Board are the sole judges in any of the above matters and may at their discretion hand out any penalties they feel to be appropriate. Their decision is final.

5: If you have an issue with the moderation here or elsewhere please send a private message to the moderator or mod group. 'Bashing' of moderators will not be tolerated. The weight of the infraction is up to the moderator(s) discretion.

6: Before creating new threads, check for an existing similar ones. If you ignore this, your thread may be merged.

7: Be aware that there are strict guidelines in regards to quoting any sources outside of BigFooty. This board is no different, and warnings are no longer being given.

8: Publicly posting about infractions is forbidden. Don't do it or there will be infraction points involved.
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It hasn't been easy being an Essendon supporter for some time now. There have been very few rainbows and even fewer lollipops. As a moderating team we get that. We are Essendon supporters too. However, we have noticed over the last few seasons a certain attitude on the board at times that has seen more than a few valuable contributors drift away or even stop posting altogether. What follows is how we have decided to deal with it for this coming season and beyond. It has been heavily borrowed from our friends on the Geelong board with their blessing. They have had similar experiences which just goes to show it's nothing unique to this club board in particular.

We have a zero tolerance for posting that is designed to make other posters time here less pleasant or generally bring the tone of the board down. This can include:
  • any kind of abuse/denigration of a fellow Essendon poster (even if in retaliation)
  • bullying
  • disruptive posting
  • undermining mods in doing their jobs
In short, treat others the way you wish to be treated even if you feel they are not treating you that way.

We are aware that a very small number of posters continually denigrate either players, coach or club on a regular basis and rarely, if ever, make a positive comment when contributing to discussions. The moderating team will identify and take appropriate steps to deal with those posters who consistently post derisory content without offering any constructive contribution. This board is not a dumping ground for your negativity. If you want to relentlessly post negative content and are always looking for the negative angle to any discussion point about the club there are plenty of other boards on Big Footy where you will be welcomed with open arms. Take your schtick there.

A note about "negativity"/"positivity". There is nothing at all wrong with being critical of the club, the team, the coaching staff, the playing group and/or individual players. The inverse also applies. You are fully entitled to heap praise too. Freedom of speech however is not free of consequences. This freedom needs to be understood to apply within the following context:
  • Your right to express an opinion in a public forum such as this comes with the equal right of anyone else to criticise that opinion. If you are offended or insulted by having your views questioned consider whether posting on a forum is a good way to spend your time.
  • Criticism of opinions or views is fine. Personal criticism is not. Telling people to piss off etc is not on. Play the ball not the person.
  • Relentless or belligerent negativity OR positivity will not be tolerated. In assessing this issue mods will ask the question "is this poster genuinely interested in discussing or debating the issue?" If the answer is no, expect some action to be taken.
  • Circular arguments that go nowhere and clog up threads are not pleasant reading. When something is a value judgement anyway it is okay to agree to disagree. Different people have different opinions. Don't make it your mission to convince everyone that your opinion is the right opinion. Chances are nobody really cares but you. Once arguments and positions start repeating themselves don't be surprised if a moderator asks you to move on. Also, don't take it personally.
If your posting is deemed by the moderating team to conflict with the above guidance it will be dealt with through the infraction system. You'll get a warning and these warnings will increase in severity if the behaviour continues. If it keeps continuing you may be relieved of your posting rights on this board altogether. Also, if you find yourself on the receiving end of action from one of the moderating team, know that it has more than likely been discussed privately by them as a whole before the decision is made. The moderator handing out the action is rarely, if ever, acting alone.

Furthermore, know that the moderators don't necessarily read every single post on every single thread as soon as it is posted. If you have a legitimate problem with something that has been posted USE THE REPORT BUTTON and it will be dealt with in due course. Don't assume that because the moderators have not taken any action that the content is approved and also don't assume because your report was not dealt with within 60 seconds of you making it that you are being ignored. Moderators are people too with lives and families and stuff going on. They are not here 24/7. There is no need to report posts multiple times. In fact doing so, or indeed reports that are considered frivolous time wasting by moderators, may have unintended consequences for the reportee.

If you have an issue or a query about the moderation of the board in general or something we have done or not done, please feel free to approach us PRIVATELY and we will be happy to discuss it with you. Please also note though that our decision is final and once we reach that point if you are still unsatisfied you are more than welcome to contact a Super Moderator or an Admin if you feel you haven't received a fair hearing. Public commentary of board moderation decisions will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This always has and will continue to be the rule.

The guiding principle with all of the above is that our job is to make the Big Footy experience as enjoyable as possible for as many as possible.

Go Bombers.
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